‘Wee Radish God’ Is Here To Work Its Magic!

Could the Woolbeast ‘Wee Radish God’ be the cutest food figure ever? Warning: do not eat!

Woodbeasts Wee Radish Gods figures on table

From the artistic hands of Melissa Stanley, the creator behind the Woolbeast universe, comes Wee Radish God! The eagle-eyed amongst you may be having a serious case of deja-vu, because Wee Radish God is indeed a re-release from back in March.

There is no question over the fact that the Radish is extremely cute, from the beady black eyes to the tiny mouth. But adorableness aside, the sculpt also packs a lot of detail! We particularly love the painting aspects and various color tones to give each Radish a realistic look!

Stanley invests a lot of time and care into creating each Wee Radish God. In fact, every step is done by hand from the casting to the painting and sewing. Something quite special to the Woolbeasts is the combination of the resin sculpture and the wool leaf sprouts. Talk about a mix of textures!

Woolbeasts Wee Radish God Figure Completed on Hand
Wee Radish Army!

But that is not where Melissa’s hard work ends. Each sculpture is part of the Woolbeasts world and has its own story that can be read on the Woolbeast website! There is a lot of dedication to create the personalities of each figure and the world she has built.

The Wee Radish God …is a small God.

Generally, they’re not much “god” of anything, except the rough patch of ground that makes up the Treehouse Garden.

Since they’re a wee god, they can work wee miracles. Because they’re only wee miracles, they’re mostly garden-related.

They are peaceful, and speak rarely. When they do speak it is short and simple, quiet Truth.

What a thing, to be tied to the Cosmos, and completely content with a wee patch of dirt in the Forest.


The Radish stands at 4” high with the sprout of leaves. Each sculpt is made from resin and hand-sewn wool. Each Wee Radish God is $50 plus shipping; however, her Patreon subscribers get 15-20% off.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Woolbeast Instagram page for the release details. Blink and he’s gone!

Woolbeasts Wee Radish God Figure Outside Hello Garden

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