‘Lone Wolf and Cub,’ TWO New Mandalorian-Inspired Figure From WheresChappell, Available for Pre-Order Tomorrow!

WheresChappell accepting pre-orders for two Mandalorian sculpts on November 29: ‘Lone Wolf’ and ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’

WheresChappell‘s new Lone Wolf and Lone Wolf and Cub resin figures are impressively detailed renditions of The Mandalorian’s star bounty hunter, Din Djarin, with (or without) baby Gorgu in tow. WheresChapell, the artist behind Mahalo Cabin, was inspired by the concept art from The Mandalorian, the first of many planned Star Wars spin-off series. 

the mandalorian baby yoda star wars
The Lone Wolf and Cub figure, with the cub peeking out.

When The Mandalorian was first announced it received mixed reactions. There are still those who refuse to see it based on their initial reaction to the concept of a live-action Star Wars television series, but there are very few who have given it a watch and not left a fan. With an incredible story, stellar characters, and stunning visuals, it’s earned its place in the galactic hall of fame.

star wars the mandalorian concept art
A look at some of the incredible concept art for the Mandalorian.

The Lone Wolf and Cub figures pay intricately accurate and artistically excellent tribute to The Mandalorian. The figures stand at just over 22.5cm, include incredible details like satchels and weapons, and are hand-painted in a variety of pallets. 

Lone Wolf and Cub includes baby Gorgu slung across Mando‘s back, while Lone Wolf comes without the added baggage. Lone Wolf will be available in five variants: BOBA, KENNER, MANDO, HOLIDAY, and CONCEPT

colors of the lone wolf and cub
Lone Wolf variants (left to right): BOBA, KENNER, MANDO, HOLIDAY, and CONCEPT

Pre-Order will open at 8PM UK time (2PM CST) on November 29th. They are expected to finish production in March 2021. Get yours before they’re gone!

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