‘Sleeping Beauty Mermaid’ is Surfing up Now! – By We Art Doing

We Art Doing’s latest release ‘Sleeping Beauty Mermaid’ is coming to shore!

It’s fairytale galore with We Art Doing! Taking inspiration from classic fairytales like Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty Mermaid is now out for release!

The figure comes in two variants, the warm hued Coral and the cool toned Snow. They both feature a sleeping mermaid inside a tin can. The Snow version is sleek, shiny and pristine, whereas the Coral variant’s can is a lot more rusted and worn away. The design work on all aspects looks incredible and beautifully detailed.

The range of matte, satin, and metallic paint really adds a sense of character and realism to the quirky piece. Looking over the tail scales, you can especially see where the artistic precision has come in to produce a truly beautiful piece. We also love that you can interpret the toy as a statement piece or something fun and whimsical.

As for the designer, you’ll probably be familiar with We Art Doing from toys such as The Boy and Yaya. But did you know that the studio belongs to Kevin Guo, co-founder of the renowned Sank Toys?

We Art Doing’s previous toys have generally been playful, vibrant and cutesy, but you can see a slight shift in style with the Sleeping Beauty Mermaid. We love seeing the versatility in designs!

Sleeping Beauty Mermaid is approximately 15cm x 15.7cm x 8.2cm.

The figures are a limited edition of 499 sets each and are made from resin.

The Sleeping Beauty Mermaids will cost $150 each, plus shipping, and will be available to ship in September 2021. The figures will be available from various online art shops worldwide.

So hurry and grab your Sleeping Beauty Mermaid before she returns to sea!

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