‘The Boy: Fire & Water’ and 10-Minute Timed Limited Edition Extras, By Sank Toys and We Art Doing! [UPDATED]

How to get Sank Toys’ The Boy: Fire & Water edition, plus limited edition extras!

[4/22 Update: the Taobao exclusive voucher for The Boy-Dreams-Wonderland (previously The Boy Fantasy Child-Dream-Illusion) may now see worldwide release. More on that below.]

Fans and followers of Sank Toys and We Art Doing know that their work tends to go fast, and The Boy Fire & Water will be no exception! This two piece set (also called Magic Child Mercury and Magic Child Mars) will see a two timed pre-order events!

The Boy Fire & Water (which can be purchased together or as singles) will be sold by select international vendors and from We Art Doing’s Taobao shop. Those purchasing from We Art Doing will also have a chance to snag some very limited pre-order exclusives. More on that below!

The pre-order windows are as follows:

  • We Art Doing’s pre-order event: April 23 @ 8pm — 12am Beijing time / April 23 @ 8am 12pm EST
  • International pre-order window: April 23 @ 10am ESTApril 25 @ 10pm EST

The list of vendors who will stock Fire and Water include: Strangecat Toys, The Toy Chronicle, Evil’s Toy Lair, Toy Donut, Moko Select, HAPPIBOX, VRareStore, Taggem, and more.

The Boy Fire & Water are an impressive 20cm tall and are made of translucent resin. They have removable crowns, and will retail in the range of $170 each. Each comes in a wooden display box. Estimated delivery date is Q3 2021.

About We Art Doing’s Taobao exclusives:

As we mentioned above, those who purchase The Boy Fire & Water directly from We Art Doing’s Taobao shop will have access to some very awesome and very limited exclusives. Their pre-order window lasts 4 hours, but only those who purchase in the first 10 minutes will receive the exclusives.

Depending on which The Boy Fire & Water you order, you will receive an enamel pin, or a silver necklace and the opportunity to purchase the new and incredible The Boy Fantasy Child-Dream-Illusion!

How it works:

  • Purchase either Fire or Water during the first 10min to receive a free enamel pin (random variant) with your order
  • Purchase both Fire and Water during the first 10min to receive a free silver crown necklace with your order, AND
  • A voucher to purchase The Boy Fantasy Child-Dream-Illusion at a later date

Note: sets must be purchased in the same order to qualify, and set orders will only receive the crown necklace (no enamel pin).

We Art Doing’s Taobao shop can be found here. The pre-order window is April 23 @ 8pm — 12am Beijing time / April 23 @ 8am 12pm EST

As of March 2021, Taobao officially offers shipping to China, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Even then, ordering may pose significant difficulty. For more info, try this link.

Anyone outside of those areas will have to use a Taobao agent.

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4/22 Update: The Boy-Dreams-Wonderland

As of 4 hours ago, the official Sank Toys Instagram account released new details about The Boy-Dreams-Wonderland (previously The Boy Fantasy Child-Dream-Illusion).

Along with the officially translated name, they have stated, “If you buy both The Boy-Fire and Water you will automatically get the opportunity [to purchase] The Boy-Dreams-Wonderland when it is released.”

This seems to imply that purchasing both Fire and Water from any vendor will grant you a purchase spot for Dreams-Wonderland. No further word about the pins or necklace.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep updating as the news develops.

THE BOY WATER and FIRE release

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