The Best ‘Poké Ball’ We’ve Seen Yet! Catch ‘Em All With The Wand Company’s Officially Licensed, Feature-Rich, Die-Cast Replica

The Wand Company will be the saving grace for any Pokémon fan this year!

The Wand Company has already become a staple for producing replicas of handheld objects, think Sonic Screwdrivers, Pip-Boys, and wands. But now, let your childhood Pokémon dreams come true with this officially licensed Poké Ball replica!

The Poké Ball comes decked out with additional kit, including a proximity sensor so that when it picks up on motion the button glows. Even more, if you press the button it triggers a change in color or a Pokémon catching sequence! Talk about immersive!

As you open the display box to reveal the wonders within, the Poké Ball is actually lifted up to be shown off in all its glory. But seriously, you can see that the designers put a lot of thought into not only the appearance, but also the mechanics and immersion of the design.

The replica itself sits on an illuminated ring, adding stability to the spherical shape when it is inside the display case. The color of the light inside the box can be changed by simply touching the metal plaque!

For those of you who like to have a sense of authenticity, The Wand Company’s Poké Ball is officially licensed which can be seen by a numbered hologram and the plaque.

The official replica is a collector’s holy grail, from the stylish display to the interactive lights, you will be catching Charmanders in no time! But as The Wand Company notes, please don’t actually throw the Poké Ball!

The Poké Ball is made from a polished die-cast zinc shell, which is finished off with a glossy lacquer. The black band around the shell is made from ABS, and the display ring is polished stainless steel.

The replica has a 2.95 inch diameter and weighs approximately 297g. The display box is 90 x 95 x 95mm. It also includes an instruction manual and batteries in the shell and display case.

The Poké Ball is selling for $100+ plus shipping and is available through Sideshow Collectibles and other retailers.

The Wand Company’s replica will be released February 27, 2021, but pre-orders are open! The Wand Company notes that they will be releasing several other Poké Balls throughout 2021, so be on your guard! What are you waiting for? Kickstart your journey to become a Pokémon trainer!

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