Are You ‘#triggered’?! Vandul’s Newest Drop Lands Saturday, October 7!

#triggered — Vandul recreates 2020 in art form

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it is that 2020 has got everybody #triggered. With everything going on in the world who can blame us?! Vandul decided to take all those feelings and turn it into a sick new drop! Finally, a positive spin on 2020!

Different Pins and Slaps included in the #triggered Vandul drop
These will be included with any bundle!

This release will see 4 types of bundles up for grabs: the #triggered gift box, the canvas bundle, the 2020® bootleg bundle, and the embroidered #triggered hat bundle. Every package includes slaps, a new enamel pin, and a signed print.

The 4 inch resin #triggered vandul figure included with the gift box
I think we can all relate to how #triggered he is!

The LE 10 #triggered gift box is $149.99 and will be the only one that includes the new, 4 inch #triggered Vandul figure. With its finger outstretched, you can almost hear the frustration this guy is spewing out.

There are also 3 different 8 x 10 canvas bundles at $64.99 each. Revolution Vandul, Worker Vandul, and Loudmouth Kan are all 1 of 1 custom paintings. If you are out of shelf space, why not take up some wall space instead?

The 2020 bootleg bundle with the burning police car, stickers, and pins
This is sure to get some people talking!

The LE 10 2020® bootleg bundle is $44.99 and will include a car that captures 2020 with vivid imagery. Packaged in a blister pack, this will be quite the conversation starter.

Red embroidered vandul #triggered hat bundle
Wear how triggered you are loud and proud!

The final bundle is $28.99 and the most affordable way to get into the Vandul world. This one will include a solid red embroidered hat to wear!

Not one to skimp out on the goods, Vandul is also giving Official Pre-Order Ballots to the first 7 customers who purchase items from the #triggered drop. The ballot will allow its lucky owner to preview and purchase upcoming Vandul pieces before anyone else.

The #triggered drop is this Saturday, November 7 at 2pm CST, only on For more info, check out his official blog post.

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