UniqueZip ‘Rabbotz’ Kickstarter Announcement and Design Competition Part 2!

UniqueZip’s Rabbotz is oh so close!

Remember our previous coverage of the cute-but-badass Rabbotz late last year? Well have we got an update for you! We’re excited to say that the official UniqueZip Rabbotz Kickstarter is coming at the end of this month!


The UniqueZip Rabbotz Kickstarter will fund Series 1 of these ne’er-do-wells, featuring17 stunning designs from 17 super-talented artists! Speaking of artists, check out world-renowned Caramelaw‘s super-sweet addition to the series!

UniqueZip Rabbotz Official Toy Design by Caramelaw

Rabbotz design contest… part 2!!!

Did you enter the Rabbotz design contest? One winner was selected and chosen to be a part of the official series! Congratulations iLiKeCooLsHiT for winning the comp with the following design!

ilikecoolshit rabbotz winning entry

If you missed out, have no fear! Rabbotz design contest number 2 is here! This time with even more rewards and opportunities for the artists involved. So get those creative minds and designs ready for Rabbotz season 2!

To enter the competition, complete your design using the Rabbotz template, post it on Instagram, and tag @uniquezip.official and #rabbotzcomp.

Designs can be voted on once per day until February 27. The top 10 artists will win a Rabbotz and have the chance to become a featured artist in the blind box collection!

You can read the rules and vote on designs right here.

The Rabbotz Kickstarter is (almost) here!

UniqueZip was also kind enough to tell us the official Kickstarter is slated to begin at the end of this month. At the same time, they left us with this message:

With the releasing of the Kickstarter, we will have more activities. For example: extra prizes and add-ons will unlock as backers complete challenges. All we want is to bring more fun to all of our backers, designers, and collectors! Stay tuned.


Be sure to watch out here and socials for updates on the UniqueZip Rabbotz Kickstarter and much more. Let us know how excited you are and if you are going to back the project!

Uniquezip Rabbotz Collage

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