‘Rabbotz’ Blind Box Series Announced by UniqueZip! Plus, Some Exclusive Details!

Fresh on the Scene, UniqueZip Is off To a Strong Start With Their Incoming Rabbotz Blind Boxes

UniqueZip are a brand new designer company making some visual waves in the industry. Right now they are teasing their freshly announced and absolutely awesome Rabbotz blind box series. Featuring artists from across the globe such as; Christopher Luke, Yacilart, Crack, Chris RWK, Eltoro215, Nite Owl, Nuclear Winter, Ogryz_42, and Shiffa. These are the announced Rabbotz artists, so far. Excited yet?

Is it just us? Or have Rabbits always, been a dominating animal in the designer toy market? Are Rabbits the go-to, hype-up, and sell-out key Ingredient?

Well, while that’s totally possible, not just any old bunny design is a guaranteed jackpot. With Rabbotz however, they most certainly are. With unique and aesthetically pleasing sculpts and incredible collaborative designs that are perfectly envisioned, UniqueZip’s Rabbotz are going to kick-ass! You heard it here first.

The Rabbotz official promo image

Now for the particulars, plus UniqueZip tells us a Rabbotz secret!

Rabbotz are 5 inches tall, made of pure vinyl, individually packed in a printed box, and are limited to 300pcs per design. The Rabbotz also feature a detachable head! Thus meaning you can mix and match your designs.

We also have some very exciting and exclusive news from UniqueZip to share with you! During our conversation they said “We will produce a very limited edition of Rabbotz with some mystery electric features!” How cool is that? Keep your eyes and an ears close to their socials as more news is revealed.

The Rabbotz will be available on Kickstarter soon with extra incentives and stretch-goals for the backers. However, you can pre-order these extremely cool bunnies right here, right now, on the UniqueZip website for $85 each.

Another piece of exciting news is that UniqueZip are currently running a design competition! Do you think you have what it takes to be among the Rabbotz artist roster? Head to UniqueZips website to find out how to enter and best of luck to you all!

rabbotz splash banner

What do you think of UniqueZips Rabbotz? Will you be backing the Kickstarter? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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