‘Hunny Loving Geekwok Set,’ By UMETOYS — After All, Toys Can Cosplay Too!

You’ll love this Geekwok set as much as everyone’s favorite bear loves honey!

As UMETOYS‘ first release of 2021, Hunny Loving Geekwok Set certainly packs the ultimate cute factor! This time, Geekwok has dressed up in a hoody that seems reminiscent a certain bear. Then there’s the little ChildWok who has teamed up as Geekwok‘s accomplice in an adorable Piglet cosplay!

UME Toys Hunny Loving Geekwok Set Side

If you haven’t guessed it yet, this release is Winnie The Pooh themed! Geekwok sports a cosy looking Winnie The Pooh hoodie, complete with the Hunny Loving bear’s face on the hood! Geekwok is then topped off with the signature honey jar to complete the look. Although it appears someone has already been at the honey…

UME Toys Hunny Loving Geekwok Set Top

UMETOYS introduces the previous ChildWok character to this set. Little ChildWok is inspired by The Child from The Mandalorian. ChildWok proudly wears the Piglet cosplay, complete with a cute floppy pig headband, cosy scarf and coat, and topped off with a dainty Piglet nose. The adorable factor has gone off the radar!

UMETOYS’ Geekwok series has made waves with various editions being inspired from all sorts of pop culture. From Zombie Geekwok to The Staycationer Geekwok, he really has been everywhere! But if you return to Geekwok‘s origin you will find yourself at Star Wars. This little guy has adopted various Star Wars personas so the Geekwok series is a definite to keep an eye on if you are a Jedi fanatic!

UME Toys Hunny Loving Geekwok Set Top Side

Each Hunny Loving Geekwok Set is handmade from resin. The set will be available on UME Toys’ website from Friday January 15. So be quick, before this little duo get impatient! Get the Hunny Loving Geekwok Set before they head off back to the 100 Acre Wood of Endor!

Each set will come with a header-carded bag as well as a sticker. UMETOYS’ Hunny Loving Geekwok Set will sell for £36.50 plus shipping from the UK.

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