[BREAKING!] Tokyo Jesus Secret Sale and 2021 Commission Slots

Tokyo Jesus blindsides with a one-two punch!

This just in! Japan’s master of macabre, Tokyo Jesus (real name Sayu Ishiyama), has just shocked toy collectors everywhere! Not only will the artist be putting up three totally unannounced toys for purchase, but he has also opened his commissions list for a very limited time. For those in the know, this is very big news!

Ishiyama is known primarily for his gruesome style and hand-made resin figures. His work regularly makes waves in the collectibles industry, the most recent being his custom one-off Master 9 Eyes created for DCon 2020.

tokyo jesus custom master 9 eyes for dcon 2020
Custom M9E, by Tokyo Jesus

The Tokyo Jesus Secret Sale

Unannounced and unteased, three new designs will hit the Tokyo Jesus Secret Sale tomorrow morning. We won’t tell you how you can get these pieces, but we will show you what they are!

1. Cursed Monk ( 怨僧) 

tokyo jesus cursed monk dunny

Cursed Monk is Tokyo Jesus’s classic take on the Kidrobot‘s ubiquitous Dunny. But rather than its usual cute, round expression, and plump Dunny-ears, this one is missing its face. Our fine, flayed friend has no facial features, save for a fabulous (though flesh free) grimace. Its entire body is covered in Ishiyama’s signature kanji.

Cursed Monk is limited to 20 pieces. They look to be about 3 inches tall.

2. Torturer “The Destruction” Artist Proof

tokyo jesus torturer the destruction artist proof

Next on the short release list is Torturer “The Destruction,” an all new variant of Gaki, Tokyo Jesus’s most prevalent creature. Gaki is the Japanese name for preta, which are “hungry ghosts” from east Asian spiritualism. This delightfully chunky monster sports a club and a terrifying visage, partly obscured by a red executioner’s hood. Its face might be scary, but those horns and ears are seriously cute!

Torturer “The Destruction” is an artist proof, limited to only 2 pieces.

3. Tayu from the HELL  (地獄太夫)

tokyo jesus tayu from the hell one off

The last release on the secret agenda is an all new version of Tokyo Jesus’s Tayū. Tayū is ishiyama’s rendition of a oiran, a high-ranking predecessors of geishas. Readers may recognize her through some of Ishiyama’s previous iterations, but Tayū from the HELL has a resculpted face and all new paint job. To our understanding, this is the first time a Tayū has been painted by the artist.

From what we can see, Tayū from the HELL is cast in translucent and red resin, and likely measures 12 inches tall. She is limited to just one piece.

Tokyo Jesus 2021 commissions list, now open!

As if three secret Tokyo Jesus designs were not enough, the artist has also opened his 2021 commissions list to the general public. According to the artist himself, he rarely does commissions, but will accept a few requests for this coming year.

Normally I don’t do many commissions, but due to the high number of inquiries, I will accept a few for 2021 in order to meet your needs as much as possible. I will close the inquiry once it reaches the limit. 

To jump on his commissions list, you can fill out this form on his website. Act fast, because this is an exceedingly rare event.

The Tokyo Jesus Secret Sale starts Saturday, December 5, at 10AM CST. We can’t tell you where or how, but we will say that you’ll need a password to enter the shop. 🤫

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