Tokyo Jesus’ First Sale of 2021 — FOUR New Figures Dropping Tomorrow! [Updated with prices]

Tokyo Jesus’ first sale of 2021 will feature several impressive new sculpts

Tokyo Jesus‘ first sale of 2021 is right around the corner! It’s been a while since we last saw the artist, who has been hard at work finishing up orders from his Secret Sale back in December (those are shipping soon, by the way!). But there’s clearly no rest for the wicked, as this master of the macabre is about to open pre-orders for four new sculpts.

This sale will see the appearance of a few Gakis, as well as the brand new character, Black Oni Zururi. As always, these figurines are made entirely of resin, and all paint jobs are handled by the man himself. It also sounds like there will also be blank resin kits available of each design.

1. Gaki Anatomical Model

tokyo jesus gaki anatomical model mini

Though Gaki Anatomical Model is not strictly new, this is the first time the sculpt has been miniaturized. For this release, Gaki is 3 inches tall.

Painted versions are limited to 30 pieces. The price will be $70.

Gaki blanks will be available for $35. No limit.

2. Standard Size Onmyoji

tokyo jesus standard size onmyoji
[Tokyo Jesus says: Onmyoji is a Japanese exorcists/fortune teller.]

The last time we saw Onmyoji was at Clutter Gallery’s Gift Wrapped 2020. this time, however, Onmyoji is standard size, which puts it at around 5.5 inches tall.

Standard Size Onmyoji is limited to 40 pieces. The price will be $140.

3. Torturer -Eyeball Python-

tokyo jesus torturer eyeball python

This one is a brand new rendition of Gaki. It has a cool new hood and sports a mean looking club. Torturer -Eyeball Python- is also standard size, which puts it at around 5.5 inches.

Torturer‘s edition size is 13, and they are priced at $200.

Blank Torturers will cost $68. No limit.

4. Black Oni ZURURI

black oni zururi skull detail

Our favorite on this list, and one of our favorite Tokyo Jesus pieces to date, Black Oni ZURURI is a sight to behold. ZURURI is a waist-up bust with a wicked outfit and icy gaze. She holds a skull and spine in one hand, our hearts in the other, and is the first of the all new TJ Residents series.

ZURURI is limited to just 20 pieces. The price is $280. [Tokyo Jesus says: Special price for the new series!]

Blank resin kits will cost $68. No limit.

tokyo jesus 2021 first sale release times

That’s the lineup for Tokyo Jesus’ first sale of 2021! The pieces look incredible and we might just have to snag some of our own! All items will be put up on on January 30 @ 10am CST.

And now, a message from Tokyo Jesus himself:

Happy New Year!

Last year, I received much support from many people despite the shipping delays and inconveniences caused by Covit-19. I had to cancel my solo-show, conventions, many collaborations with toy manufacturers for the same reason. I’m sure some of you guys were looking forward to them. 

But on the other hand, there are many new projects started.
I’m not sure when I’ll be able to show them off, but please stay tuned.

This virus festival will likely continue for a while, but I would appreciate your continued support.

Thanks to your supports make my artist activities can continue.
I am genuinely grateful for it.
I will continue to do my best this year.
 I always think of my fan first.


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