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‘Fortress JEM,’ the Collab We’ve All Been Waiting for! By Tanavit23 X Quiccs Maiquez

Invasion Toys to be the sole American retailer of ‘Fortress JEM,’ by Tanavit23 x Quiccs

Earlier this week, the toy world was thrown into frenzy with the final reveal of Fortress JEM, A TEQ63 lookin’ JEM by Tanavit23 and Quiccs. And though we didn’t want to blow his cover early, now that the JEM is out of the bag, we’re proud to announce that we at Invasion Toys will be the exclusive American retailers of this upcoming gem (JEM?)!

tanavit23 quiccs fortress jem left facing

Eagle-eyed readers and those with longer attention spans may recognize Fortress JEM from various social media posts over the last year. In fact, Tanavit23 first hinted at this collab character all the way at the start of 2020, first as concept art, then quickly followed by a 3D render. Since then, he has slowly dropped breadcrumbs about his entry into the Bulletpunk universe, culminating in last week’s full look at Fortress JEM.

Fortress JEM will first be dropping at this year’s online Culture Cartel Con, which is an annual art, collectibles, fashion, etc., convention based in Singapore. Though full details are slim, we do know that this JEM will be released on December 5, through the Culture Cartel official online event.

After the convention, your friendly neighborhood Invasion Toys will be the exclusive carrier of Fortress JEM this side of the Atlantic. Though we don’t have an official date or price, with a total run size of just 99 pieces, we expect them to sell out instantly. Stay tuned for more news as it develops.

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