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‘Mini Pitohui OG Edition,’ by Tanavit23 — the Bird Is Back!! [Updated]

After a short eternity, Jeremy Tanavit’s fabled bird is back as Mini Pitohui OG Edition!

Four words: Mini Pitohui OG Edition. For those in the know, Tanavit23‘s rather rotund bird is a designer toy that has achieved near-mythical status. Though 2017 saw a slew of variants released, it’s been many months since the last edition has joined the flock.

mini pitohui og edition in foliage

First teased over a year ago, Mini Pitohui has certainly been a long time coming, but collectors rejoice! This diminutive bird has received its official release date, and it’s very soon!

Pitohui is an original character based on the hooded pitohui birds of New Guinea, the first bird ever discovered with poisonous skin (yes, really!). Each variant sports a cat-skull mask with vertebrae that extends the length of the Pitohui’s back. Really freakin’ awesome if you’re a skull aficionado like us

According to Tanavit23:

Pitohui is JEM’s companion. Although he may look tough and punk, pitohui is actually very sensitive and shy. Pitohui has dreams to be a crime fighter hence the CAT skull mask, but for now, Pitohui enjoys the wonderful adventures with JEM.

Mini Pitohui OG Edition is resin and stands at roughly 3 inches tall. It is orange and black to match both the actual bird and Tanavit23’s first Pitohui, released in 2017. It includes a removable cat-skull mask and is an edition of 80.

At the moment, Mini Pitohui OG Edition will be released in two parts: first through the Tanavit23 webshop, and then from us, your friendly neighborhood Invasion Toys store!

Tanavit23’s release will occur this Saturday, January 23, for $80 plus shipping ($15 to Singapore, $25 international). A preview link can be found here.

The Invasion Toys drop will occur at a later date, but details are still in the works. Stay tuned for more info!

[Update 1/21]: Artist’s drop time is as follows:

  • US/international: January 22, 11am EST
  • Singapore: January 23, 12am SGT (midnight)
[Update 2/2]: Invasion drop info:

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