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‘Supreme Slaps for a Cause,’ an Invasion Toys Charity Event, Starts This Friday! [Preview Mega Gallery Part 1]

[UPDATE: Supreme Slaps for a Cause Preview Part 2 is ready for viewing!]

Since last year, we’ve been laying the groundwork for Invasion Toys‘ first ever charity event, Supreme Slaps for a Cause! Since then, we’ve been able to secure brilliant contributions from over 60 visual artists; if you are one of those artists, thank you!

As a minority-owned business, Invasion Toys sought to develop Supreme Slaps for a Cause to support and enhance the lives of individuals from minority groups.

We at Invasion Toys feel very strongly that justice should be served equally, and that equitable education on the matter should be available to all. For that reason, 100% of profits from this initiative will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. (NAACP LDF), a 501(c)(3) organization with over 80 years of civil rights advocacy.

Each Supreme Slap is LE 1

The Supreme nametags custom’d for Supreme Slaps for a Cause are 100% authentic from the Fall/Winter 2020 season. No bootlegs from us, ever!

Each slap has been hand-embellished by one of our favorite artists. The slaps are 100% unique and limited to an edition of 1. There are no prints, artist proofs, scans, or duplicates of these stickers.

Slaps come custom framed by our friends over at Esther’s Framing Enterprises in Chula Vista, California, and yes, the frames are included in the auctions.

About the auctions

Each frame will be auctioned through its own listing in the Invasion Web Shop. Auctions start at $25, with no reserve. Auctions will remain open from February 26 to March 1, and all profits go to charity. Preview links are slated to go up shortly. TL;DR:

  • Each listing includes 1 frame of Supreme slap(s)
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Reserve: $0
  • Auctions open from February 26 to March 1
  • 100% of profits go to NAACP LDF
  • All auctions to be held on the Invasion Web Shop

The Supreme Slaps for a Cause Guestlist

Over 60 artists have been gracious enough to submit contributions to Supreme Slaps for a Cause. That beefy list is as follows:

Alright, alright! We know what you’re really here for. Without further ado, here’s Part 1 of the slaps you’ll be able to bid on starting February 26:

1. 3D Hero

2. Adrian K

3. Aleroart

4. Amy Ng

5. Angela Shin

6. Apple Cheeks

7. Beetle Bob

8. Breadman Designs

9. Brittanie Gaja

10. Bunny Mischief

11. Buttsup

12. Candie Bolton

13. Champ NYC

14. Changerous

15. Chk Dsk

16. Chris Dokebi

17. Daniel Toledo

18. Dead St.

19. Dome

20. Drawntworks

21. DTR

22. El Toro

23. Erick Martinez

24. Federico Tobon

25. Frank Montano

26. Grimly Toys

27. Hiraku NYC

28. Hugus

29. Issac Lee

30. Jayel NY

31. Kelly Lu

32. Kevin Luong

33. Kristy Kitsune


35. Leaf

Whew!! The first half of the lineup is throwing some serious heat. Stay tuned for Supreme Slaps for a Cause Preview Gallery Part 2, which will drop same time tomorrow! [Edit: Part 2 is here!]

Any of the above artists speak to you? Got your eyes on a particular slap? Leave a comment below!

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