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‘Dinocat’ Starts Friday — A Rato Kim Boxcat Event and Solo Show, by Strangecat Toys! [Preview Gallery]

What’s square and spiny and cute all over? Rato Kim x Strangecat Toys‘ newest Solo Show: Dinocat! The latest Strangecat show features an unbelievably adorable assortment of ferocious felines with a Triassic twist.

Vinyl Dinocats

Dinocat features unique and limited sofubi and resin sets, as well as some incredible one-off artwork. There are three different varieties of Dinocat sofubi: the boldly colored DIDI, the soft and serene GID Multicolor, and the aptly named Twinkle Inside Me

Resin Dinocats

The resin edition of this solo show is Sneakers Dinocat, which has a cool aesthetic and a mashup that will tug at the heartstrings of every hypebeast. Much like Rato Kim’s BOXCAT63, Sneakers comes in a sneaker box, too.

The price and edition size of each Dinocat is as follows:

DIDI — 25 units, $70 each
GID Multicolor — 20 units, $55 each
Twinkle Inside Me — 20 units, $55 each
Sneakers Dinocat — 25 units, $110 each

One-off artwork by Rato Kim

Now for the incredibly unique, one-off resin artwork. Each of these cool cosmic pieces is 24×17.5cm, comes with wooden framing and leather backing, and is completely one of a kind! From what we’ve seen, 9 of these will be available.

And finally, the show wraps up with another awesome entry: custom painted skate decks! Each incredible design is painted by hand and totally unique. Each is priced at $150.

Rato Kim’s Dinocat solo show opens June 4 @ 7pm EST in-person, and 10pm EST online.

Attendees may line up as early as June 4 @ 9am EST to secure their spot in line. Attendees may purchase one item at a time, then must requeue to purchase each additional. All gallery items will ship out 28 days after the show opens.

The Strangecat Toys Gallery is located at S01 Falkenburg Rd, A2, Tampa, FL 33619

Supplies are limited on these awesome entries, so be sure you don’t miss out!

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