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Stormy Vault’s ‘Medieval Show’ Starts TONIGHT, July 17 @ 8pm EST! [Preview Gallery]

Hear ye, hear ye! Stormy Vault’s Medieval Show starts tonight!

Hone your blade and polish your codpiece, because Stormy Vault is having another awesome online event! This time, we’re going back to a period of fair maidens, noble chivalry, and non-existent hygiene standards; introducing… Stormy Vault’s Medieval Show!

It’s probably safe to assume that you, dear leader, are already familiar with NYC-based Stormy Vault and their awesome online shows. If not, check out our previous coverage of their events here and here.

The Medieval Show features stunning work by nearly 30 artists across the designer toy multiverse. From TEQ63s to M9Es and everywhere in between, the Medieval Show pieces are a collection of (nearly) all one-offs that are already making our wallets sweat.

The Medieval Show artist roster

The talent list for the Medieval Show is packed with 29 of our favorite artists, including OG Invaders like Motley Miscreations, Zard Apuya, La Breens, Playful Gorilla, Christopher Luke, and RLUX Customs.

But we know why you’re really here! So without further ado, let’s take a look at all the Medieval Show customs we know of so far.

Auction only

These two one-offs are both auction only. Bidding opened yesterday via the Stormy Vault Instagram page and will close there tonight (July 17) @ 7pm EST. Stormy Vault estimates the auctions will resume at 9pm EST on the Medieval Show livestream.

Opening bid for these two items is $600.

Stormy Vault’s Medieval Show starts on June 17 @ 8pm EST. There will be auctions, sales, giveaways and more, so be sure to tune in via their Facebook Live feed.

For a look at all the past Stormy Vault shows, check out their archive here. If you manage to snag any of these phenomenal pieces, make sure to give Stormy the ol’ Invasion Hello!

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