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‘Filipino Show’ is Back!! — A Stormy Vault Online Event — August 14, Via Facebook Live [Preview Gallery]

Stormy Vault is bringing back their Filipino Show, the event that put them on the map!!

One year ago, our friends over at Stormy Vault made their first big splash into the designer toy industry, and to celebrate that anniversary, they’re doing it again! Now introducing this year’s Stormy Vault Filipino Show!

This second installment of the Filipino Show harnesses some of the strongest talents we know and love from the Philippines and beyond, with many of the pieces being appropriately Filipino-themed.

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Take a look at the impressive talent list and preview gallery we’ve put together below. You’ll find incredible resin and vinyl one-offs that use artist-original characters, as well as some of the platforms we know and love like QuiccsTEQ63 or the unmistakable KAWS Companion.

PLUS! In honor of the Filipino Show, Stormy Vault is currently holding a KAWS Companion giveaway! Entries close August 13 @ 9pm EST, so get in there fast!

1. Stormy Vault’s Filipino Show artist roster

This event will showcase the awesome talent from many of our favorite artists, like Yoii, Wuji Toys, and Lab Monkeys, as well as OG Invaders like Arman Kendrick, Gori Bautista, CHK DSK, ResinworX, and KWESTONE (Run It!).

Here are all the previews we’ve pulled together so far. Be sure to watch everyone’s socials for more reveals and tune in to the show itself to catch the rest!

3. Stormy Vault Filipino Show details

Stormy Vault’s second Filipino Show is an all-online event. It will be held via Facebook Live, and like all their shows, is free for anyone to attend.

The show itself promises to have auctions, straight sales, giveaways, and plenty of audience interaction. You can tune in to watch the shenanigans on August 14 @ 8pm EST right here!

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