The State of the TEQ: a Quiccs in Review [March 2021]

Welcome to the very first entry of our State of the TEQ series, where we’ll do our best to go over every Bulletpunk drop, announcement, preview, collab, and custom from the preceding month.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at everything TEQ63 from the month of March 2021. If we miss anything, bare with us! We’re ironing out the kinks, and Quiccs moves fast!


  1. Releases
  2. Collabs
  3. Customs
  4. Upcoming

1. Quiccs’ March 2021 releases

This section goes over every Quiccs-official release from the past 30 days. This month saw all sorts of ventures into new, non-vinyl industries


This is the OG resin BABYTEQ + K9 set, which is a revisit of a 2014 sculpt by Quiccs. Based on Kidrobot‘s Dunny platform, RED NAKAI is hand-scultped, cast, and painted. It is an edition of 99; 30 dropped at Aloha Con 2021, and the remaining 69 have yet to be released.


Another Aloha Con 2021 release, ALOHA TEQ is the latest in the 6-inch Artist Series 2. This one is by 7sketches.

3. Bulletpunk Syndicate’s Alpha / Omega Project

This one might be the biggest release this month and it definitely caught our eye! The Alpha / Omega Project is a towering vinyl duo and the first Bulletpunk Syndicate release; that is, the first all in-house release by the Quiccs crew. You can check out our release coverage here.

4. SOFTEQ63 plush

Is Quiccs getting soft?! Probably not, but his newest release definitely is! Made of vegan leather, this plush has detachable patches and flight tags, working hoodie pocket and drawstring, and comes in READY and ARMED variants. SOFTEQ63 is the first ever Bulletpunk plush that we are aware of.

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2. Quiccs’ March 2021 collabs

In this section, we’ll go over all the collabs between Quiccs and other artists and companies, both big and small.

1. Secretlab QUICCS Edition gaming chair + SECRETLAB MEGATEQ

Bulletpunk meets gaming gear with this Quiccs x Secretlab collab! Limited to just 200 units, those who bought the Secretlab chair were also the only ones allowed to purchase the SECRETLAB MEGATEQ designed to pair with it. Read our full coverage here.

2. Topps’ Project70

Quiccs and… baseball cards?! That’s right, Quiccs was one of 51 artists chosen for Project70. In celebration of Topps’ 70th anniversary, they approached 51 artists to create the artwork for 20 players of their choosing. So far, Quiccs has covered Ichiro Suzuki and Ernie Banks.

Each card is available to purchase for just 70 hours. They come pre-slabbed, and there are also silver framed, gold framed, and rainbow foil chase variants of every card. Check here for more info.

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3. March 2021 Quiccs and TEQ63 customs

The customs in this section might be by Quiccs himself, or by other artists using the TEQ63 platform. Many are often one-offs, so proceed with steel hearts!

1. Islands Connections

In collaboration with Graffmapping, a graffiti and projection mapping artist from the Canary Islands, Islands Connections looks to be a one-off, resin TEQ63 that has been both painted and projection mapped by Graffmapping. The results are pretty damn cool!

2. Lab Monkeys’ Ravager Vengeance

This is one incredible one-off by Lab Monkeys! That’s…. all we know, actually. 😬

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4. Quiccs’ March 2021 sneak peeks, previews, WIPs, and updates

This section is full of sneak peeks and teasers for upcoming toys, works in progress, and concepts in the making. This month we’ll break our own rules a bit and include some entries from February 2021.

One offs, by Dave Bedia

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And that’s a wrap for State of the TEQ , March 2021 edition! Hopefully the first of many. We think that’s everything Quiccs-related from this past month, but if we missed anything, let us know! We’ll add it in and give you credit.

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