The State of the TEQ: A Quiccs in Review [April 2021]

Everything Quiccs, TEQ63, and Bulletpunk from April 2021

Welcome to our second State of the TEQ review, where we go over all the Quiccs and Bulletpunk-related happenings from the previous month.

This installment sees TEQWEAR vol. 5, so many dope collabs, and a slew of TEQ63 customs that are coming down the pipeline before you know it (😉).


  1. Releases
  2. Collabs
  3. Customs
  4. Upcoming

1. Quiccs’ April 2021 releases

1. RED NAKAI — Kidrobot Stock

Yes, RED NAKAI was indeed released last month, but only the first 30 pieces were let go. On April 16, 16 more units were surprise dropped on the Kidrobot web shop for $100 plus shipping. These 16 pieces were signed and numbered by the man himself. According to Quiccs, the “main drop for the rest of the 99 … will be released in a future event!”

2. TEQWEAR Vol. 5

TEQWEAR Vol. 5 was the first apparel drop of 2021 and the latest TEQwear capsule since way back in August 2020. This pack saw beanies, shirts, bags, an extra fancy face mask, and the cleverly-named Hostile Engagement Ring. What a smokin’ 4/20 drop!

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2. Quiccs’ April 2021 collabs

1. 1:8 TEQ63 ACTION FIGURES 8″ 2GO Series #1

Initially titled Project 8, then 1:8 TEQ63 ACTION FIGURES, 1:8 TEQ63 ACTION FIGURES 8″ 2GO Series #1 is as dope as its name is long. This set of high-quality action figures is the culmination of work by the acclaimed J.T Studio. Each figure will come shipped in a Bulletpunk Syndicate fanny pack; we absolutely cannot wait until they arrive! You can read our full writeup here.

2. SHOTIMEProject70 baseball card

April saw the continuation of Quiccs’ multi-part collab with the Topps Project70 series, this time featuring Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels. Like previous cards, this one was designed by Quiccs, but SHOTIME is the first card to also have TEQ63 hidden in the art. Can you find him?

3. Carbine Unit 02

CHK DSK‘s Carbine is one of the baddies of the Bulletpunk universe. A Mecha Will Rise tribesman, Carbine is determined to force humanity into singularity with the machines, and RLUX Customs is here to help! Carbine Unit 02 is the second production run of RLUX’s Carbine sculpt, this time with that awesome Eva colorway.

Carbine Unit 02 is now out of stock from RLUX, but for those who can wait, the Invasion Toys store will have some in very soon! Read our full coverage here; updates to follow.

4. Silver VSOG Canbot

Silver VSOG Canbot is the second and final variant of the collab piece by Quiccs x czee13. A full run of 300 units were released on Clutter Magazine‘s NTWRK shop for $85 each.

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3. Quiccs’ customs and TEQ customs from April 2021

1. NitemareDead Dreamer custom

Quiccs was one of the plethora of extremely talented artists whose work made an appearance in 5thturtle‘s It Was All a Dream, a Dead Dreamer custom show at Clutter Gallery. His LE1 piece was titled Nitemare and auctioned for a cool $3,500.

This past month saw tons of custom TEQs from so many of our favorite artists. We did our best to collect them all here in a single mega gallery. There’s some seriously amazing work here! If we missed yours or anyone else’s, reach out and we’ll add it in!

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4. Quiccs’ April 2021 sneak peeks, previews, WIPs, and updates

Here are all the TEQ63 sneak peaks and previews we saw this month. Take a look at the gallery to get a taste of what’s to come.

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That’s all for this month! Let us know if we missed anything, and keep your eyes peeled for updates! We have it on good authority that a lot of those customs will be up for sale before you know it!

Stop by the Invasion shop today to snag the last of our Quiccs gear, or treat yourself to one of the CHK DSK Carbines we still have in stock!

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