Sank Toys and ‘Sank Park’: An Ocean Full of Fall Releases and Customs!

Sank Toys’ Sank Park

This weekend, from November 5-8, catch the grand opening of Sank Park at the Shanghai Toy Show (STS), sponsored by Popmart.

Who else is shaking thinking about the 4 feet tall by 2.5 feet wide Sank ToysGood Night Series!?

Sank the Child – Good Night Series

Sank Park is the latest official wave bringing an atomic age, retro twist to the classic Sank the Child figures. We’re getting variants like Gumball Machine, Coin Ride, Tricycle, and Rocket.

For now, the most reliable method to snag your own piece of Sank Park would be to directly buy one at STS. Stay tuned to Sank’s Instagram page for information on upcoming lotteries!


A Busy October for Sank Toys

Sank Toys put their nose to the grindstone this month, with a cavalcade of shows, official releases, collaborations, and giveaways.

They started October at Expo Toys Barcelona with displays of Little Sank customs made by artists like ORNAMANTE, Nastytheplastic, EL DIOS DE LOS TRES, Synestesik works, and El Xupet Negre.

They have also done numerous collaborations, some via Toy Galleria, with Galhawk, MAR2INA, Spookyworkhk, Uncle Studio, Kotton Factory, and Wetworks for some amazing customs by these independent artists.

We loved to see Jessica Emmett‘s very first Sank custom, Light in the Deep, painted with her watercolor style similar to the Flowermon variant we covered earlier last month.

Light in the Deep Custom Sank Toy Figure by Jessica Emmett via her Instagram.

If you can’t make it to STS Hall 3, Exhibit B12, you can still pre-order other Sank Toys from the Invasion store! There are the two colorways for Sank The Sea VoidBlues,” and “Pureness.”

You can also pre-order Sank Obe Alone Blues. These items are set to ship late Q4 2020 or early January 2021.

SANK – Obe Alone Blues via Invasion Toys Online Store

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