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‘Ichijitsu Senshu,’ a Shoko Nakazawa Solo Show — On Display Now at Rotofugi Gallery! [Jul 17 – Aug 15]

Shoko Nakazawa’s Ichijitsu Senshu solo show is now on display at Rotofugi!

Shoko Nakazawa‘s famed works are back stateside! Brand new sofubi, original art, and one-offs are on display at the Ichijitsu Senshu exhibit at the Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

Shoko Nakazawa is a legendary artists and sofubi maker best known for her Byron, Rangeron, and Seedlas characters. If you’ve been collecting sofubi for any amount of time, you definitely know of her or her cute af creations. Go ahead, prove us wrong!

Ichijitsu Senshu is her latest solo show, and though she couldn’t make it in person, she has definitely sent all her love and talent across the ocean to the Windy City.

Ichijitsu senshu is a Japanese phrase that literally translates to “one day, on thousand autumns.” This is a poetic idiom that can be expanded to mean “when you are looking forward to something so much, one day feels like a thousand years.” Quite apropos, yes?

About the Ichijitsu Senshu original art and hand-painted figures

The Rotofugi exhibit promises to have 60 of Shoko Nakazawa’s custom one-offs and 31 pencil drawings on display (and for sale!). There will also be a full run of her newest sofubi variants for any collectors who show up to Ichijitsu Senshu in person.

Drawings and custom painted figures are first available for purchase by Rotofugi’s preview list members, then to in-person attendees. We assume leftovers (if any) will be available for the general public towards the beginning of next week.

You can sign up for the Rotofugi Gallery preview list here. When the gallery listings go public, you can view them on the Rotofugi Gallery website.

About the rest of the Ichijitsu Senshu sofubi

The non one-offs available at the event are named after gemstones relative to their color: Euclase Rangeron, Pink Tourmaline Byron, Demantoid Seedlas Brother, and Pink Tourmaline Seedlas.

These new variants are dressed in deep pinks, oranges, greens, and blues, with glitter thrown in to elevate them to perfection.

Rangeron and Seedlas Brother (the big one) retail for $65 each, Byron retails for $60, and the small Seedlas for $40. Unfortunately, Euclase Rangeron is pre-order only at this time, as the shipment is held up in customs.

They are available on a FCFS basis for Ichijitsu Senshu attendees. Any leftovers will be put up for online sale early this coming week. Keep an eye on Rotofugi’s socials for an announcement.

Ichijitsu Senshu lasts from July 17 to August 15 in the Rotofugi Gallery. They are open 10am – 6pm daily at 2780 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614. Definitely drop by if you’re in the neighborhood!

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