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An RLUX Customs Army is Invading NYCC Booth #3059!! — Azrael the Iron Tiger , Kyū, KWESTONE Prototypes, and More!! [Invasion Exclusive]

RLUX Customs is dropping so much heat at Invasion Toys NYCC Booth #3059!!

RLUX Customs has been hard at work lately, creating exclusive after exclusive and collab after collab. From Quiccs to Kensuke to KWESTONE, they’ve been pumping out some incredible work.

At time of writing, we’ll be carrying three jaw-dropping exclusives and displaying two fantastic prototypes to drool over. These pieces each have amazing back stories that we know you’ll love.

We’re so excited to be the exclusive carriers of some of these pieces at our New York Comic Con Booth #3059! Take an early peek below:

1. Azrael the Iron Tiger, Kensuke Creations’ Kyū, and KWESTONE’s AIR MASK 90 INFRARED

These three fantastic pieces have been in the works for quite some time. Our most astute readers and any RLUX Customs collectors likely already recognize them, but otherwise you can check our previous coverage of Azrael the Iron Tiger here, and Kensuke Creations’ Kyū right here.

Azrael the Iron Tiger – Darth Maul Edition

Azrael the Iron Tiger made his first appearance as Azrael the Bonecrusher, a gorgeous one-off created for Stormy Vault‘s Medieval Show. Azrael the Iron Tiger – Darth Maul Edition is the very first production run of this figure and will be an exclusive Invasion Toys NYCC limited pre-order.

Azrael has been meticulously sculpted and cast by the RLUX Customs crew, and each one showcases their extreme talent. These figures are 10 inches of pure resin and separate into over a dozen individual parts that attach with magnets.

And finally, Azrael is fully compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5e! The RLUX geniuses have created a full stat block for Azrael, so now your designer toy collection can Invade your favorite TTRPG! In fact, we’ve even heard Azrael is the first of many RLUX x DND characters. 🤫

  • Azrael the Iron Tiger – Darth Maul variant
  • 10 inches tall
  • Solid resin construction
  • Detachable magnetic parts
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5e compatible
  • Invasion Toys NYCC exclusive pre-order
  • Edition of 20 (1 displayed in-person)
  • $200 each
[Read our in-depth Azrael article right here!]

Kensuke Creations’ Kyū

We first dropped previews of Kensuke’s Kyū this past spring, and we’re excited to say the wait is finally over! We’ll have a small allotment of this resident resin badass at our NYCC Booth #3059, and each one comes with awesome extras!

This is Kyū‘s very first non-prototype run. They are three inches tall and have detachable and articulable heads. Each Kyū kit includes assorted stickers and an awesome t-shirt.

  • Original concept by Kensuke Creations
  • 3 inches tall
  • Solid resin construction
  • Detachable head
  • Includes t-shirt and sticker pack
  • Edition of 50 (5 available in-person)
  • $50 each
[Read all about Kyū and Kensuke Creations right here!]


AIR MASK 90 INFRARED is a KWESTONE (Run it!) concept produced by RLUX Customs. It is a cybertech mask reminiscent of both DED STOCK and SNKR SNIPERBOT, and is based on the Nike Air Max 90, a KWESTONE favorite.

A limited amount will be on-hand at our NYCC Booth #3059. Price and further release details TBA.

2. SNKR SNIPERBOT Prototypes

These two pieces are the first and only existing prototypes of a future RLUX x KWESTONE release. Though the details are still undecided, both RLUX and KWESTONE were kind enough to let us display these beauties in-person at our NYCC Booth #3059!

According to KWESTONE, SNKR SNIPERBOT is his rendition of that faceless online adversary who outbids you by $1 on every pair of grails.

Production and release details are scant, but keep an eye out! SNIPERBOT is definitely coming soon!

Take a look at those glorious figures (and soooo much more in-person at the Invasion Toys NYCC Booth #3059!!

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