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‘Dragonte,’ the Filipino Power-Collab by RLUX Customs x Dante Basco x Harvey Tolibao, Is Available For Pre-Order Now!

Dragonte features the awesome work an all-Filipino team. Plus, each figure comes with an art print and donation to charity!

RLUX Customs has recently opened pre-orders for Dragonte, their next awesome art toy. An all-original creation, RLUX’s newest figure is an incredibly special collab between three Filipino power houses: RLUX themselves, acclaimed comic-book illustrator Harvey Tolibao, and world-renown RufioPrince ZukoAmerican Dragon Jake LongDante Basco!



  1. Who is Dante Basco?
  2. Who is Harley Tolibao?
  3. What’s Dragonte?

1. About Dante Basco

Dante Basco is a celebrated live action and voice actor whose body of work spans decades. His most famous rolls are arguably the Fire Nation‘s Prince Zuko, and Rufio, the swashbuckling almost-teen hero of the Lost Boys (Rufio, Rufio, Rufiooo!!!).

When not leading the fight against Captain Hook or chasing/fighting/befriending the Avatar, Basco has contributed to videogames like Saints Row, the Skate franchise, and Mortal Kombat X. He’s also had guest rolls on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, CSI: Miami, The Boondocks, Star Wars Rebels, and Kimpossible.

In other words, Dante Basco is just about everywhere, and he’s coming to your shelf next!

2. About Harvey Tolibao

Harvey Tolibao is a Filipino comic book illustrator who has worked with the absolute biggest names in the industry. A lifelong artist, he broke into the comic scene in a very big way in 2006, being tapped to draw the twelfth issue of Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic.

Since then, he has worked with both Marvel and DC on comics like Captain America, X-Men, Silver Surfer, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Green Arrow. Other than the Big Two, Tolibao also illustrates for Zenescope and IDW.

When he’s not drawing and drafting like an absolute maniac, Tolibao is the creative director and co-founder of HMT Studios Manilla.

3. About Dragonte

Fresh on the heels of their Kensuke Creations collab announcement and Eva-inspired CARBINE UNIT 02, RLUX Customs has truly spanned industries to bring Dragonte to the world!

Standing a significant 6 inches tall, Dragonte is Dante Basco in resin form. Rather than creating an art toy based on any one of Basco’s respected alter egos, the RLUX team decided to celebrate the man himself, while also paying homage to one of his most famous characters.

Dragonte dons a removable Blue Spirit half-mask reminiscent of a certain Fire Nation prince, streetwear kicks, and a special Pamilya hoodie. The hoodie pays homage to Kuyate, a Filipino-owned and Cali-based clothing company who made the original.


The back of Dragonte’s hoodie is where Tolibao steps in and things really heat up. Using his prodigious abilities, Tolibao created a rendition of Bakunawa, a godly serpent-dragon from ancient Filipino mythology.

According to legend, Bakunawa is the cause of lunar eclipses; transfixed by the beauty of the moon, the dragon rises from the ocean to swallow it whole.

In Tolibao’s illustration, Bakunawa grips the moon in his jaws, bathing him in blue light, while the sun casts a yellow glow over his bottom half. According to RLUX Customs, this “represents the balance between the two forces – light and dark. Two energies that contradict each other yet cannot exist without the other. Yin and Yang.”

This Bakunawa’s symbolism also pairs well with Dragonte‘s mask, as the Blue Spirit marks the start of Prince Zuko’s redemption arc.

But Taolibao’s Bakunawa doesn’t only appear on Dragonte‘s hoodie. In fact, RLUX will also be making A4-sized foil prints of the illustration. One will be included with each Dragonte order, or they can be purchased separately for an easy $25.

Dragonte is available for pre-order right now. They are limited to 100 units. Each costs $120, with $10 of that sum being donated to an AAPI organization.

These are pre-order items, with an estimated fulfillment date of July 2021.

While you’re here, check out the awesome RLUX Customs x CHK DSK Carbine OG in the Invasion web shop, and keep an eye out for CARBINE UNIT 02… we heard some of those might be popping up soon! 🤫😉

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