‘The Creatives: Trading Card Project,’ a Trading Card Series With Over 50 Toy Artist Contributors — Back the Campaign Today! [Preview Mega Gallery]

Created by RedGuardian, The Creatives: Trading Card Project features art by over 50 toy artists

It’s no secret that designer toy collections are driven as much by toy artists as they are by the toys themselves; after all, who doesn’t have a shelf devoted to a particular maker? Unfortunately, it’s never been possible to collect just the artists… until now! Introducing: The Creatives: Trading Card Project!

Spearheaded by mad genius RedGuardian, The Creatives: Trading Card Project is a premium collectible trading card series that celebrates the artists that move the scene. After all, what would the industry be without these people?

You probably remember RedGuardian as toy designer, retailer, and OG Invader based out of New York City. When he isn’t producing exclusives or pumping out awesome collabs, he uses the RedGuardian brand to vend for many of the industry’s most popular artists and largest companies. And now, he’s trying his hand at producing trading cards! Does RedGuardian ever sleep?! We don’t know!

About The Creatives: Trading Card Project

The Creatives: Trading Card Project is RedGuardian’s latest experiment and contribution to the collectibles industry. Tapping into the talent of exactly 51 artists so far, The Creatives TCP promises to let fans collect a piece of the artists themselves.

Each of The Creatives trading cards is devoted entirely to one artist. The front features art made specifically for this project, while the back has a brief bio and other artist stats.

Each artist has contributed a minimum of 3 unique pieces of art to be features on the front of their Creatives trading card. So for those following along at home, The Creatives Series 1 will have over 150 unique cards to collect.

But that’s not all! After all, what would trading cards be without rares? The Creatives promises to have foil cards, DIY cards, lenticular cards, and other special variants to scratch that singular itch.

Each Creatives booster back includes 5 cards: 1 foil, 50% chance at 1 special rare, and the rest common. We’re already drooling at the thought of ripping into these packs…

The Creatives lineup

Series 1 of The Creatives TCP incorporates 52 amazing artists from the collectibles industry and beyond. In alphabetical order, they are:

About The Creatives crowdfunding campaign and charity donation

With The Creatives being such a massive undertaking, RedGuardian needs our help bringing the project to reality. Enter: The Creatives: Trading Card Project crowdfunding campaign!

Borrowing Kickstarter‘s format, The Creatives crowdfunding venture is an all-or-nothing campaign. With sights set on a $25,000 goal, backers may pre-order 1, 3, 12, or 24 packs of cards, with tiers costing $9.99 to $89.99.

If the Creatives crowdfunding campaign is successful, RedGuardian promises to donate well over $1,000 to Red Nose Day children’s charity. So back the campaign today to support the project and underserved communities. A total win-win!

Here are all the Creatives TCP art previews we know of so far. We can’t wait to see the rest (especially the rares!), but this will have to do for now.

Back The Creatives: Trading Card Project campaign today to support both your favorite independent artists (the true lifeblood of the designer collectibles industry) and Red Nose Day, an organization whose parent company (Comic Relief) is given an A+ by

Also, starting last week, profits from the RedGuardian webshop will go towards the Creatives project.

Those who wish to donate to the project without making a purchase may do so here.

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