Quiccs and Adidas Ride Again! Collab Tees and an Extremely Limited ‘RealTEQ’ Variant to Coincide

Quiccs x Adidas releasing shirts in three limited colorways, along with an extremely limited 1:18 RealTEQ Manilla Tees variant

Catch the next drop in the Quiccs and Adidas partnership! If you’re lucky, you can bag your very own SLAM DUNKIN’ scarlet, white, or black tee, sporting Quiccs’ iconic TEQ63 in Adidas basketball gear.

quiccs teq63 adidas red black and white shirts
Quiccs x Adidas Limited Release

Each of these designs is imbued with homages to the Philippines, Quiccs’ home country. These figures and others show off Quiccs’ talent for streetwear that shines with stripes, stars, and beaming sun patterns.

To celebrate the collab, Quiccs has also teased an extremely limited Manilla Tees variant of his 1:18 scale RealTEQ figurine. No info yet, other than that they will be “up for grabs for some lucky Adidas consumers.” Watch his socials for more details to follow.

signed quiccs teq63 manilla tees realteq figurine in packaging
1:18 scale RealTEQ, Manilla Tees variant

Since the start of 2020, Quiccs and Adidas have gone to work putting out new colorways of shoes and figures alike. These concept designs have us going crazy over the possibility of TEQ63-styled joggers, bags, helmets, and crop tops!

Neighborhood Greenbelt 5 store mural designed by Quiccs
adidas and quiccs custom one-off shoes designed for sole academy auction

What started in October 2019 with a teaser of custom TEQ63 styled Adidas trainers has evolved a year later into a fruitful partnership.

Sadly, this Friday’s release is limited to Adidas stores in Asian Pacific countries, such as the new Neighborhood Greenbelt 5 store. Quiccs responded to fan comments on Instagram, promising they’re working on a future North American release as well.

We can’t wait to see these tee’s hit the international market. We eagerly await the next installment of this amazing international partnership! In the meantime, have you seen Chris Dokebi‘s incredible TEQ63 x Dokebi-mask mashup?

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