Uhh, Sure Monsters Gives Us Exclusive Insight Into His ‘Punkin Kaviti’ — Blanks Available Now!

New Punkin Kaviti—a perfect Halloween horror

A look at the intense detail in the Punkin Blank Kaviti.

In the spirit of the spookiest season, Uhh, Sure Monsters has created a new entry in the incredibly creepy Kaviti collection— the new Punkin Day and Punkin Blank Kavitis.

These incredibly detailed pumpkin-inspired monsters are here just in time for Halloween! They feature incredibly intricate sculpt of a snarled and mutilated pumpkin hosting the disturbingly-twisted parasite, Snaggle.

kaviti final concept sketch snaggle uhhsuremonsters
The incredible artwork of the original Kaviti by artist Melvin Jarvis.

We recently sat down with Uhh, Sure Monsters to ask him about his inspirations for Kaviti. The artist was gracious enough to tell us that the Kaviti were born from a gnarly concept sketch and a few happy accidents.

The idea behind the Kaviti was to create a companion for the Mawklops that featured a gaping mouth and large hollow body. Snaggle is the mutated monster’s tongue pushing out through their head.

uhh sure monsters tru mawklops vinyl monster toy
Tru Mawklops, still available for purchase!

The hinged jaw came about during Kaviti creation and was the first happy accident. The next was the eye of the Snaggle peering through the carved out holes in the Punkin Day Kaviti.

Punkin Day Kaviti is sold out— but if you act fast you can still nab the completely customizable blank and create your own jarring Jack O’ Lantern. 

Get your own Kaviti here before they’re gone!

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