‘Prototype001 Custom Figure’ by ctrl+ x Karmieh

Extra-indie ctrl+ and industry-vet Oasim Karmieh join forces to release ‘Prototype001 Custom Figure’! Available for purchase now

Just last week, toy-scene noobie ctrl+ released their first ever designer toy, Prototype001 Custom Figure! With concept art stemming from at least as far back as 2018, Prototype001 has been a long time coming. We at Invasion Toys News are excited to see this indie production come to life, and not least because one of our favorite artists, Oasim Karmieh, has had a hand in bringing this guy into 3D.

Many readers might recognize the television-head motif as reminiscent of their favorite anime; and no doubt, ctrl+ has announced the production of a CTRL+ anime, slated to drop its first episode some time in January 2021. The artist has hinted that Prototype001 will play an important role in the series as guardians of science’s past discoveries.

Prototype001 Custom Figure control plus 2

The television head is a popular concept seen in cyberpunk automatons, and the wings add a light design element contrasted by the cable and steel mechanical body. Since TV screens project images of people and their faces, it’s interesting to think of a future robot that would recycle an old boxset for a display. It’s exciting to think about how these figures come to life in the series next year!

Prototype001 Custom Figure control plus 3
Prototype001 Custom Figure Ctrl+

Prototype001, the “old world tech robot of the crtl+ world,” comes in Classic and Rusted variants. They stand tall at 7 inches, and have magnetic wings for easy storage. These figures are hand-built and hand-painted, and are limited to just 6 units per variant.

You can get your own copy of Prototype001 directly from the ctrl+ store, along with some limited apparel. Act fast before they’re all gone!

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