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Let’s Go For a Walk Down ‘Owlberry Lane’

Owlberry Lane‘s toys could be plucked straight from a fairytale

Cute, vibrant, and celestial. That’s the simple way of describing Owlberry Lane’s sculpts.

Heather Hyatt is the gifted artist behind the project, who chose to focus on traditional hand sculpting for her figures and designer toys. She combined this with the signature fantasy style now associated with her brand.

A cute fantasy designer toy holding a crystal against a neutral background
Owlberry Lane’s Katara and crystal handmade sculpt

Hyatt has been an artist for over 20 years, having been formally trained in both graphic design and studio art. But where did the inspiration come from? Hyatt credits her Owlberry style as stemming from her love of fantasy as a child. She has now been able to pass on this love to her children, her followers, and her customers.

Each Owlberry Lane toy is hand-sculpted, painted, and crafted with custom made glass eyes. The handmade eyes are a defining characteristic of Hyatt’s style, as she incorporates floral patterns that bloom life into the toys!

A blue toned owl with a necklace whilst against a woodland background
Owlberry Lane’s signature ‘Totem Owlberry’ in the Sapphire variant

An iconic figure in Owlberry Lane’s bag is the Totem Owlberry, each with its own metallic and enchanting appearance. Modelled and cast by Hyatt, each edition stands 3.5” tall with its own necklace to make a cute and captivating figure for any collection.

Owlberry Lane incorporated both toys made completely from scratch and customized designer pieces. One notable example is Lucy Curious, The Bunny Next Door from the Dark Harbor series. Hyatt herself notes that this is one of her favorite customs she has ever created! Standing at 10 inches tall, it’s a vibrant, mischievous, and completely unique piece.

A fantasy themed bunny rabbit holding a golden key whilst sat on a seahorse
Owlberry Lane’s ‘The Bunny Next Door’ custom toy from the Dark Harbor Series produced by Kidrobot

Another noteworthy moment for Hyatt is that last year, she was a Designer Toy Awards finalist for the Custom of the Year category. It is certainly an achievement to showcase her talent!

You can check out her webshop now to snag some of her pieces while they are still in stock.

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