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Oasim Karmieh Artist Spotlight: From ‘Telos’ to ‘Slave To The Siren’, Plus an Exclusive SNEAK PEEK!

We look back over Karmieh’s exhilarating career of designer toys and renowned collaborations

Oasim Karmieh has established himself over the years as a talented and creative artist and sculptor through his memorable designs. He has also gifted us with his collaborations with fellow artists to produce some of the most innovative and fun designer toys. Many of these revolve around pop culture to allow fans to bring something special into their homes.

So how did the artist get to where he is today? According to Karmieh, he wanted to start a business ever since he became a dad, but what would he do? The would-be sculptor had always loved toys, especially Lego. Lego along with other collectables, figurines, and resin Buddhas filled his office. That’s when the answer hit — designer toys! Since then, Karmieh has gone on to work with people from all over the world to collaborate on all sorts of projects, from animated films to iPad books.

Today we are looking back at Karmieh’s greatest works and some of his iconic collaborations. Stay tuned, because we have an exciting Karmieh sneak peek at the end and you won’t want to miss it!

Karmieh’s Solo Work

1. Batsy

Karmieh's classic Batsy custom toy promo

Karmieh remarks that the first toy he designed was what is now the iconic Batsy, which received a fantastic and overwhelming response. This was ultimately what inspired the artist to go on to pursue designer toys! Batsy has since undergone various editions which draw inspiration from different incarnations of the Caped Crusader!

2. Telos

Karmieh's original Telos custom toy promo shot

One of Karmieh’s most defining collection is the Telos series. All the variations feature an ominous mask combined with the lethal street-assassin look. Every Telos is richly detailed and crafted, it is no wonder that they are such a hit! Each addition bringing something new and exhilarating to the table.

3. Foxpresso

Karmieh's Foxpresso custom toy promo shot

An ongoing quirky collection is the Foxpresso, which is exactly what you think it is! What, you thought foxes don’t drink coffee? Foxpresso is a one of a kind toy, perfect for any caffeine addict! The design is relatable, modern, and like Telos, each variation offers something different.

4. Pop Culture

As touched on, Karmieh’s designs often revolve around pop culture to produce some spectacular toys! A notable series to take off was the Bobo Fate collection which has gone on to feature different designs and color schemes! Other defining pieces include ELEVEN, Hellbaby: Great Tiny Beast, and Edy Scissorhands. With each piece, Karmieh has put his own spin on bringing pop culture characters to life.

5. Comedians

However, that has not stopped Karmieh from straying away from celebrities! 2016 marked the start of the stand-up comedian line with LOUIS (Louis CK) and later, Billy Red (Bill Burr). Both pieces were met with success and praise.

Karmieh’s Collaborations

All of Karmieh’s many collaborations have been exciting! The creativity of artists combined with Karmieh’s sculpting talent turns innovative and at times funny designs into toys.

1. Slave to The Siren

Slave to the Siren on a dock in front of boats and water

Recently, Karmieh teamed up with SE7EN to surface the Slave To The Siren custom sculpt, based on the Starbucks logo of all things! SE7EN’s design mashed with Karmieh’s sculpting produced a memorable and somewhat creepy custom toy. You might have caught yourself the ‘Black Sea’ variation at Invasion Toys!

2. Terp Crawford

Karmieh Terp Crawford Talking Terps Custom Toy Collaboration promo

Karmieh has also brought Terp Crawford from Talking Terps into the world of custom toys. He did a great job at replicating the signature look of Terp Crawford’s stoner and psychedelic style! The Terp Crawford vinyl toy has since gone on to have a few variations from cotton candy to translucent glitter!

3. Bearchamp

We couldn’t possibly forget Bearchamp! Karmieh’s collaboration with JC Rivera has undoubtedly been a knockout success, with editions always selling out! Karmieh later returned to sculpt the bust version of the iconic designer toy.

Last but not least, a (Kami) Killer Sneak Peek!

We at Invasion Toys have been lucky enough to receive a sneak peek of Karmieh’s upcoming release of a Telos and Kamikiller twin pack called Legacy: Dragon vs Crow. There is currently no release date, so stay tuned!

Karmieh shows no sign of slowing down and thank goodness! We look forward to seeing the release of the Legacy: Dragon vs Crow twin pack and what other imaginative collaborations he has got coming our way!

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