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Everything You Need to Know About NTWRK’s ‘Unboxed’ Online Toy Festival [Guide & Mega Gallery]

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about NTWRK’s Unboxed toy festival

The hypebeast realm and designer toy multiverse inch ever closer this weekend, with the first ever Unboxed designer toy and collectibles festival, hosted by NTWRK. The lineup is pretty well stacked with many of the biggest names and faces we’re accustomed to seeing in the industry. Is your wallet ready?

ntwrk unboxed lineup poster

Founded in 2018, NTWRK brands itself as “the definitive livestream shopping app at the center of entertainmentizing retail” (i.e. fusing retail shopping with entertainment). They are mobile-app only and focus on curated drops that are 100% exclusive to their platform.

Unboxed (no relation to Unbox Industries) is NTWRK’s first toy festival, and the first of a “year-long calendar of high profile shopping festivals.” Its art director is Japanese Superflat artist Mr., while its overall curation will be handled by designer Kevin Poon.

According to NTWRK, Unboxed will feature “artist panels and physical product drops, [as well as] a range of limited-edition augmented reality objects—a new obsession for the digital age. These collectible AR items can be immediately turned into shareable 3D moments upon purchase through the NTWRK app.”

What does this mean? …We’re not quite sure yet.

[H/T: Pressparty]

How Unboxed and NTWRK… work

NTWRK is a mobile-only platform. Luckily, however, they have fully featured apps for both Android and iOS, so no haphazard workarounds are necessary. When setting up the app, a mobile number is needed to receive a verification code. After that, you’ll need to enter a shipping address and payment info for express checkout. No awkward passwords or room codes needed.

For those who wish to get around the mobile-only requirement, it may be possible to run the app through an Android emulator, but experiment at your own risk.

ntwrk unboxed flat lay

Once inside the app, there are three main tabs: Drops, Shop, and Festivals. Drops display listings/events in a live feed style. Shop allows an overview of all available items, sorted by category. Festivals shows current and upcoming festivals, as well as festival schedules and all drops related to their event. Listings can be accessed through any of the tabs.

Unboxed drops will be grouped based on their producer or artist, with each of those groups schedules at 30 minute intervals. That means all seven available Funko Pops will be accessible through their page during their 11:30am slot, while Planet X Asia‘s three kaiju listings will go live in his own page 30 minutes later.

Once at a desired listing, it takes ~3 taps to check out. Surprisingly simple.

Unboxed festival schedule

Unboxed will take place February 13 and 14. So far, the schedule is as follows:

Saturday, February 13

11:30 am — Funko
12:00 pm — Planet X Asia
12:30 pm — Martian Toys
1:00 pm — BlackBook Toy
1:30 pm — CLUTTER
2:00 pm — THE. REAL PROJECT_
2:30 pm — Unbox Industries
3:00 pm — Dehara Yukinori
3:30 pm — BE@RBRICK
4:00 pm — Frank Kozik + Greg Rivera talk
5:00 pm — Sket One + IamRetro
5:30 pm — 3D Retro Part 1
6:00 pm — Santa Inoue
6:30 pm — RIPNDIP
7:00 pm — Superplastic
7:30 pm — Mighty Jaxx
8:00 pm — FriendsWithYou
8:30 pm — Takashi Murakami + Yuji Murakami talk

* all times are PST

Sunday, February 14

11:30 am — Kaiju One Studio
12:00 pm — Unruly Industries
12:30 pm — ToyQube
1:00 pm — Astro Gaming BE@RBRICK
1:30 pm — Instinctoy
2:00 pm — MEGA Collabs x Fender
2:30 pm — Awesome Toy
3:00 pm — Frank Kozik
3:30 pm — Vinyl Pulse: Women in Collectables
4:00 pm — Jeremyville
5:00 pm — Garage Works Industries
5:30 pm — Fools Paradise
6:00 pm — Dan Life: Frosted Sculpture 1
6:30 pm — Meltdown Presents: MEDICOM TOY
7:00 pm — 3D Retro Part 2
7:30 pm — Kidrobot + Murda Beatz
8:00 pm — Takashi Murakami + Yuji Murakami talk
8:30 pm — Unboxed: BE@RBRICK Giveaway

These are all the drops currently listed in the app at time of writing. We’ve done our best to group them based on the drop schedule above.

Saturday, February 13


Planet X Asia

Martian Toys

BlackBook Toy



Unbox Industries

Dehara Yukinori

Frank Kozik + Greg Rivera

3D Retro Part 1

Santa Inoue



Mighty Jaxx


Takashi Murakami + Yuji Murakami

Sunday, February 14

Kaiju One Studio

Unruly Industries


Astro Gaming BE@RBRICK


MEGA Collabs x Fender

Awesome Toy

Frank Kokiz


Garage Works Industries

Fools Paradise

Meltdown Presents: MEDICOM TOY

3D Retro Part 2

Kidrobot + Muirda Beatz

Takashi Murakami + Yuji Murakami

Holy sh*t.

Well, that’s all we’ve got for now. The lineup looks choice, and the prices… buy first, think later!

Download NTWRK for Android and iOS today.

Got your eye on something dope? Cop a rare drop? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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