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Monsterliciouss Gives An Exclusive Interview With Invasion Toys News

Monsterliciouss: “Bob Ross, that man is a god damn hero!”

This week we capture the attention of toy enthusiasts across the globe! A young artist, creator, and toy customiser from the UK, he creates mouth watering and whimsically-authentic characters. Invasion Toys News is proud to present: Monsterliciouss!

250th daily doodle celebration by Monsterlicouss.

We recently had the chance to chat with Monsterliciouss (real name Archie Jefferies). We talked about this and that, photographed some of his toys, and checked out his crazy cool sketchbooks that are filled to the brim with his “Daily Doodles.” We then asked some loaded questions to inevitably find out a bit more about him.

We have all of that! Plus, some news on when his magnificent creations will be present to collectors far and wide. So stick around, whilst we enthusiastically take a deep dive into his colourful and vibrant imagination and gain an exclusive insight on his personal process and much more. 

Boofalo by Monsterliciouss. Photography by TJ Collects.

What inspired you to start making Toys of your own?

I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled across an artist called br1monsters. His characters and sculpts were super inspiring! After unearthing the amazing world of custom toys online, I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at sculpting for the first time.

What’s your process when making/designing a Toy?

It all starts from a daily doodle, I then alter that character a bit to ensure it’s perfect and how I want it! Then I go to town making a tin foil armature & sculpting the clay over the top. 

Original ‘Boofalo’ Sketch!

What influences your decision making?

My dad! He is like my quality checker if you will. Whenever I make a piece, I ensure it has his seal of approval.

How do you think social media has helped you? 

Social media has helped massively! It’s boosted my confidence and provides an amazing platform to share my creations with the world! It also accurately presents my progress over the past year or so, image by image. Not to mention I’ve been welcomed into this incredible community and it’s introduced me to some amazing friends, who are always willing to go that extra mile to help me out.

‘Circus Freak’ Custom Janky by Monsterliciouss. Photography by TJ Collects.

How does Monsterliciouss get through those inevitable “unmotivated” days?

For me personally, I love banging on some tunes full blast! It helps me go wild and enables my emotion to just flow onto the page, which ultimately ends up birthing new characters. I also love to look back through lovely comments on my older posts, they always make me smile and give me a boost.

What materials do you use to create your toys? 

For the original hand sculpted piece I use polymer clay. Then for my casts, I use resin before I paint them. I use Vallejo model colour paints and they are amazing, but I am still getting used to using them as I haven’t had them for too long. I then seal the piece with a munitorum varnish which is both durable and water proof.

Boofalo by Monsterliciouss. Photography by TJ Collects.

Do you prefer designing the toy or physically creating it? 

I enjoy both phases a lot! My favourite part is when I paint the characters eyes on the model because It just instantly breathes life into the piece, transforming it from just a painted toy to a real life monster!

What can we expect from Monsterliciouss in the future?

You can expect more weird and wonderful monsters stomping their way onto a shelf near you!

Do you have any tips for other aspiring toy makers?

I would say that I am still an aspiring toy maker myself. The key thing that I have learnt whilst I’ve been doing this is to not be afraid to make the jump from drawing a character to sculpting one. Your first pieces will never be perfect but with each piece you make, you will improve by picking up tips and tricks along the way. So my tip is just go for it, why not!

Meathead by Monsterliciouss. Photography by TJ Collects.

Quick fire round!

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Neither actually, I believe it was a combo of both. They caught a ride to earth on the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

Name three things you couldn’t live without? (minus water, food and oxygen) 

Art, music, and my desk.

Who’s your celebrity crush? 

Bob Ross, that man is a god damn hero.

Favourite childhood toy?

Aladar from the Disney film Dinosaur.

Favourite Superhero? 

The Flash, I just think being fast is really cool.

Favourite Blindbox series?

This is a really tough one, but it has to be Janky. Although, recently I have been getting really into Dunnys.

Favourite toy artist right now? 

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Jeremyville and I am bloody hooked.

Favourite Food?

My mums homemade tuna pasta bake. It’s my comfort food.

Favourite Movie?

Jurassic Park! I think I’ve watched those films literally, thousands of times.

And last, but not least! Favourite Band? 

Oasis, I blame my dad for that one.

Custom Pez dispensers by Monsterliciouss. Photography by TJ Collects.

So there you have it! A deep dive into the wondrous world of Monsterliciouss! His brand new website will be live on the 28th of November, where you will be able to purchase his toys, customs and much more.

Thank you, Monsterliciouss!

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