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[Review] ‘Mira’ Black and Yellow Variant, By Deri637

Let’s take a closer look at Deri637’s ‘Black and Yellow Mira’

Today we enter the cosmic realm of designer toys to review Mira, by Deri637. Nothing says “bad ass” quite like a female space traveler who’s kitted out head-to-toe in black and yellow space drip. “You know what it is!”

Mira by Deri637 in space.
‘Mira in space’ by TJ Collects.

Lets start with the box shall we? Notice the minimalistic aesthetics and the almost “organic” feel that the box has to it. The contrast from the cardboard to the super-sleek sleeve wrapped around it helps to evoke those feelings. The gorgeous black and yellow colour palette just pops, and the overall look speaks volumes about the quality of the piece inside. Once opened, Mira was extremely well packaged with an art-sticker and an engraved magnetic base.

When it comes to the figure itself, the characteristics that first jump out are the impressive details and the eye-gasmic colour palette. You’d be forgiven for not realising that this thing is completely hand painted! (mind blowing). Mira feels sturdy and streamlined whilst obviously having a delicate aura about her. So don’t go lobbing it around that’s for sure. It’s a resin casted sculpture after all.

'Mira' by deri637 on a reflective surface in front of a white background.

Mira measures in at a healthy six inches tall, so she scales well with both art toys and 1:12 scale action figures alike, which is a huge plus for most action figure collectors. The magnetic base keeps her perfectly balanced as long as she is on a level surface. She also proudly flaunts two stunning, translucent, orange gem-stone-like features protruding from her upper back and space helmet! They are such stunning attributes that draw the eyes in and keeps them there.

Multiple Mira's in a dark environment.

However when you do continue to look around this figure, you’ll notice all of the small and finer details that are integrated into her design. For instance the hands are impressively detailed and sculpted beautifully and the tiny decals all over her jacket are so delicate yet loud and effective. Such crucial, stylistic, and fashionable choices made by Deri637 throughout the entire design of Mira.

The skill and artistic vision from Deri637 radiates from this figure every-time that you glance over at her. She happens to be one very exclusive lady too, with just 20 made in this gorgeous black and yellow colourway! Your very own Invasion Toys is the exclusive retailer for this piece too, so it’s the only place you can pick one up.

So to sum it all up Mira features incredible minute hand-painted details, exquisite colour palettes, sculptural prowess, and a style that’s instantly recognisable. All of that mixed together creates a truly original, space dwelling, and totally bad-ass feminine character that will work in a plethora of displays and collections. Mira is the dopest space lady around right now!

To quote Whiz Khalifa himself: “Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow!” Who are we to argue with that sound logic? So make some shelf space and “space up” your shelf with the stunning cosmic explorer, Mira by Deri637.

Purchase Mira here: Mira by Deri637 – “Black and Yellow” Edition of 20pcs. 

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