The Metapod Sleeping Bag — Bandai’s ‘I Never Want To Leave’ Available for Pre-Order

The Metapod Sleeping Bag: a way to escape the stresses of life and dream of becoming a Butterfree

Bandai has really captured the mood of adulthood in 2020 with the release of their aptly named I Never Want To Leave Metapod Sleeping Bag. 

the metapod sleeping bag
Zip yourself in, reflect on your existence, then lay comfortably down and ignore the world.

This incredibly plushy sleep sack is designed to look like the Pokémon Metapod, a transitional cocoon between the weak and fragile Caterpie and the strong and free-flying Butterfree. In the original Red and Blue Pokémon games, wild Metapod will not attack and only knows the defensive move “harden.” If any Pokémon were to symbolize the “hunker down and wait for change” mood that this year has brought, it’s Metapod.

The evolution line of Metapod.
The evolution line of Metapod: from Caterpie to Metapod to Butterfree.

While many toys of this nature are made for children, this sleeping bag is specifically sized for adults. It measures in at an impressive 1500mm (59 inches) in length and 970mm (38 inches) in height— plenty of space to fit all your fatigue and insecurities.

Size specs for Metapod Sleeping Bag
The dimensions and features of the Metapod Sleeping Bag, and it’s size compared to an adult human.

The first release of the Metapod Sleeping Bag sold out in less than 10 hours, but the second batch is still available for preorder. Don’t procrastinate on this one— get yours while you still can!

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pikachu uses the metapod sleeping bag to evolve into butterfree
Artist Susanoo depicts Pikachu using the Metapod Sleeping Bag to evolve into… Pikafree?

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