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‘Mandarin Spawn’ Is Back in All His Glory! — A McFarlane Toys Review [Review]

Mandarin Spawn makes it’s move! Here are the facts… from Helllllllll!

1999 was a great year for McFarlane Toys collectors, and 2021 is looking to continue that legacy with the fantastic rerelease of an old favorite, Mandarin Spawn!

McFarlane Toys’ Mandarin Spawn was an instant favorite both then and now, and in either case, you’d be hard-pressed to find them lingering on retail shelves.

The tally has been taken and this reviewer‘s verdict is in! Here’s what you wanna know:

Mandarin Spawn first Impressions

The box art for Mandarin Spawn is a treat. Simplistic design and eye-popping colors make this figure stand out instantly from store shelves. Armed with twin guandaos prominently displayed in the window of the box, this figures is a sight to behold.

Mandarin Spawn Sealed
Mandarin Spawn new in box. Photo Courtesy of joeydukesphotography

You can see a majority of the awesome sculpting before getting him home and out of the package, and with an easy price point of ~$25, that’s just as easily said as it is done!

The details

Mandarin Spawn looks good proudly displayed in the package, or loose and free on his included display stand with weapons in hand. The 22 points of articulation make for a very posable figure, but also one that is able to stand firmly without the aid of additional supports.

The sculpting of the armor and weapons are remarkable and have many eye-catching focal points.

The loin cloth attached to the front of the figure isn’t cloth at all, but with the level of care and attention to detail that went into it’s design, you’d come up short trying to tell the difference. With many detailed layers in its construction, the textures and curves are things of beauty.

The etching on the guandaos leaves little to be desired, and any enemy felled by them in your makeshift battles will be honored by their intricacy.

The pain point

This section warrants preface. Todd McFarlane himself went live to say that due to restrictions in place by big box retailers and price point, size, and packaging requirements, McFarlane Toys was limited in how far they could go with Mandarin Spawn. That being said you won’t be sorry if you pick this one up.

Mandarin Spawn weapon closeup
Mandarin Spawn spear closeup. Photo courtesy of joeydukesphotography

The only true flaw in this figure is in how the weaponry is treated. Made of flexible materials, rather than hard plastic, the weapons come warped straight out of the box. The good news is that this is easily remedied with a bit of hot water and a little time.

Another point of difficulty with Mandarin Spawn is how tightly his hands are molded compared to the girth of his weapons. Trying to fit the guandaos was definitely its own battle, but softening the hands with hot water proved an easy solution.

Final thoughts

McFarlane plucked Mandarin Spawn from the recesses of our youth, and that decision is no disappointment!

From the menacing grimace of his face and armor, to the foreboding presence of it’s twin blades, Mandarin Spawn is a delight to behold and a welcome presence in any collection.

The price point is fantastic and the packaging well thought out. Don’t sleep on this one. If you do, Mandarin Spawn will slice his way into your dreams!

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