‘Batman Future’s End’ Is On It’s Way From Your Nightmares and Straight Into Your Collection!

McFarlane Toys’ new wave of DC Multiverse Figures features a terrifying new Build-A-Figure, Batman Future’s End

The announcement has been made, Batman Future’s End is on the horizon! You may remember last month’s Batman Beyond addition to the new wave of DC Multiverse figures by McFarlane Toys. Now, Todd McFarlane himself just livestreamed the announcement of the entire new wave of Build-A-Figures, culminating in the horrifying visage of Batman Future’s End.

This amazing Build-A-Figure features fully articulated wings and a reversible head. One side of the head is a menacing Joker, while the other is a grimacing caped crusader. Plus, who doesn’t love a huge gun-cannon arm?!

There will be four figures in the Target exclusive Build-A-Figure wave, and all four will be needed to create Batman Futures End. Each figure will be released separately and about a month apart. The four figures are:

  • Batman Beyond — April 2021
  • Shriek — June 2021
  • Batwoman Beyond — August 2021
  • Blight — October 2021
Build A Figure wave announced
L to R: Batman Future’s End B-A-F, Shriek, Batwoman Beyond, Blight

As of now, there have only been preliminary photos from this line, but they are being held and announced by Todd McFarlane! The DC Multiverse action figure line has proven with each new wave that McFarlane Toys is out for blood. Each of these four figures is a masterpiece on their own, but wait until you get them all together to create the fearsome and awe-inspiring Batman Future’s End!

Teaser Poster New BAF Line
New DC Multiverse Teaser

Pre-orders for the Batman Beyond wave start early February and will be available only through Target. No price has been set, but these figures typically retail between $20-$30.

Watch Todd McFarlane announce the new figures:

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