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‘Master 9 Eyes’ Unboxing and Review — 1/12 Scale Vinyl “Prototype Edition” by Daytoner X PureArts [Review]

Master 9 Eyes Prototype Edition unboxing and review

Today we are discussing, reviewing, and gushing over the 1/12 scale Master 9 Eyes! Otherwise known as M9E. A stunning collaboration between PureArts and Daytoner, M9E serves as both PureArts’ AND Daytoner’s very first leap into the designer toy world.

Daytoner X PureArts - Master 9 Eyes 'In the rain' Toy Photography by TJ Collects png
Photography by TJ Collects

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2020, M9E has finally landed into the hands of all the backers. This chunky, red warrior is also now in-stock and available to purchase right here! So without further ado, let’s give M9E a good old, in-depth Invasion Toys review:


The box is stunning. The entire thing is branded with a red and white aesthetic, and a glossy shot of M9E wrapping around the side of the box. The left side features three detailed images of the sculpt, as well as an introduction to the character, to Daytoner himself, and a brief but informative story of how it all came to be.

Daytoner X PureArts - Master 9 eyes Prototype Edition X TJ Collects - Front and right side of box

On the back of the box, you’ll find M9E’s character story, his height measurements, accompanied by M9E branding graphics, and both PureArts and Daytoner’s signature logos. The bottom provides links to their socials and the top uses a silhouette of M9E.

Inside the box, M9E is securely packaged inside a plastic blister pack! This keeping him perfectly safe, whilst making his journey to you.

Daytoner X PureArts - Master 9 eyes Prototype Edition X TJ Collects - Blister pack and box



The striking hue that’s used boldly across his body smacks you in the face! Then the subtle use of shading, bold white decals, and the intricate sculpted details knock you out.

Daytoner X PureArts - M9E 6 Prototype Edition X TJ Collects - Front View
Photography by TJ Collects

The small head in contrast to his doublewide body makes this character unforgettably unique. M9E’s robotic cranium is perfectly accentuated by the large jacket “hood thingy” that encompasses his entire head. It’s also worth noting the teeny, tiny sculpted details that create his face.

This visual leads the eye to a chunky zipper and the rest of the modern, decal’d puffer jacket that is so intricately sculpted around his torso, back, and arms (you know, because it’s a jacket). It makes you wonder just what this chunky samurai could be hiding underneath.

Daytoner X PureArts - Master 9 eyes Prototype Edition X TJ Collects - Front View zoomed detail

Then we get to the huge sword block that’s just, ya know, the coolest backpack ever!? The block features 6 slots, one for each sword that M9E comes with. They all slot in satisfyingly, when he’s not slaying his enemies, of course. Otherwise M9E comes equipped with dual melee capabilities, with one sword in each hand.

The arms and legs are sculpted beautifully and they really help to bring this characters unmistakable silhouette and design to life. Somehow, the chunkiness of M9E does not evoke feelings of slowness; instead, he looks like he’d be nimble, agile, and super speedy.

Finally, the endless, minimalistic small details that are embedded into M9E’s sculpt are expertly crafted and placed. From straps to decals, Daytoner and PureArts deserve a round of applause for the amount of personality portrayed through their design alone, bravo!


M9E started off as a simple sketch by video game and concept artist Daytoner, and Master 9 Eyes realised in 3D is unbelievably impressive and sculpted with perfection in mind. PureArts is known for their high quality products, and M9E is no exception.

6 inches of pure high-quality vinyl creates one mean toy. Everything from the sculpt, design, texture, paint, and packaging feels pro. It’s a quality piece that should be treasured. Not to mention it looks bad ass on display. Like, really bad ass.

Daytoner X PureArts - Master 9 eyes Prototype Edition promo image


Master 9 eyes Lineup and Daytoner

Master 9 Eyes by Daytoner and PureArts is f***ing awesome. That’s it really. It’s one bad ass piece of vinyl to add to your collection. Whether you go big or small, or buy them all, you’ll look as happy as Daytoner is in this pic, guaranteed.

Want to add the 6″ M9E Prototype Edition to your collection? Click here. Or check out our coverage of M9E Ghost Eyes edition; pre-orders available now!

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. We hope you enjoyed it.

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