[Exclusive Look] ‘Linus and Lenny: the Lung Brothers,’ by Looming Doom Toys

‘Linus and Lenny’ provide juxtaposition in spades. Plus, a surprise in every box!

Take a deep breath and bask in the knowledge that one of your lungs isn’t Lenny, the left half of The Lung Brothers, aka Linus & Lenny, the new and original character(s?) from the Indiana-based toy maker, Looming Doom Toys. Looming Doom was kind enough to give us at Invasion Toys News exclusive release info and behind-the-scenes production pics of their newest IP. That’s right, you heard it here first!


We are all of course extremely familiar with our lungs! The vital organs that keep us going day to day. But what happens when one of them is an alcoholic, cigarette-smoking narcissist? Well you’ll have to rely on the better-behaved twin to keep everything in check of course. That’s exactly the situation here with Linus and Lenny.

Linus and Lenny ‘A biological miracle!’

The perfect juxtaposition is achieved with this figure and that is a key requirement when aiming to create a well-constructed designer toy. Timeless ideals, like the concept of good & evil for instance, definitely spring to mind when looking at these fellas. This reminding us that there is always two sides to every story! Which happens to be a fantastic segue too, because Linus and Lenny will also be available in a gorgeous black-and-white variant.

The opposite expressions, colours, and personalities in both versions just make this one super-duper charming piece. The Lung Brothers are undoubtedly “made to live together” say our friends over at Looming Doom.

Check out these behind-the-scenes shots of Linus & Lenny in production.

Now all the important details about The Lung Brothers

The ‘OG’ Linus boasts a healthy pink tone with a super pleasant smile, he’s just a big cutie really. Oh and of course, the perfect example of a healthy lung. Unlike Lenny! Who features different shades of greens and browns, a rather grumpy expression, and not to mention that he flaunts holes and bandages without a care in the world. The cheeky bugger even has a cigarette in hand!

The black and white variant features all of the same sculpted details as their ‘OG’ counterpart. However, they are completely monotone and, lets face it, ridiculously classy. 

The Lung Brothers measure in at 5.25 inches total, with each lung standing at approximately 4.5 inches tall. Looming Doom was gracious enough to tell us that this breath-taking pair will arrive packaged in a “sweet, high quality box that comes with a surprise”!

Linus and Lenny will be available some time in early 2021 for $95. Stay tuned for more updates!

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