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‘J-Zinger,’ KWESTONE’S Mazinger Mashup, Is Joining the Invasion!! [Invasion News]

J-Zinger, KWESTONE’s anime hypebeast mecha is on the way!

Weebs, hypebeasts, and vinyl snobs unite! J-Zinger, KWESTONE‘s Mazinger Z x Air Jordan mashup, is joining the Invasion!!

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KWESTONE (real name Chito Arellano), part-time sneaker head and full-time multi-media mastermind, has brought together some of the best and brightest in the industry to bring the Invasion-produced J-Zinger to life!

Readers may remember KWESTONE from his dope-as-hell contributions to our Supreme Slaps for a Cause charity auction extravaganza all the way back in February of this year. If not, definitely take a look here and here.

But for those who aren’t familiar, KWESTONE is the mad genius behind the dangerously cute Shark Bunny, among so many other dope concepts. He is a multi-media artist of the highest caliber, and works with mega brands like Jakks Pacific, Hasbro, Fandango, and Dreamworks. He also still regularly posts to tumblr. Who knew?!

When he isn’t blowing our minds with his crisp, clean art, Arellano is watching Star Wars media and Marvel movies, or listening to hip-hop while trying to snag the latest sneaker drop.

KWESTONE is an 80’s media connoisseur, with a taste for fine anime, sci-fi, hip-hop, and comics from the era. Check out Pinfinity‘s Q&A to learn more about this surprisingly enigmatic artist.

What the heck is a J-Zinger?!

J-Zinger is KWESTONE’s mashup of the 80’s classic, Mazinger Z, and Air Jordan III Black Cements.

As the legend goes, divine inspiration struck KWEST one morning in 2018 as he was gazing upon his godly sneaker collection. Springing from his head fully-formed was the hypebeast-mecha, J-Zinger!!

We may be fuzzing some of the details there, but the important part is that J-Zinger is the intersection of two of the universe’s greatest gifts—sneakers and anime—and we at Invasion Toys won’t rest until it’s brought into the third dimension!

J-Zinger was created by KWESTONE, sculpted by Nogs Studio, painted by Seth Robles, and will be produced by your friendly neighborhood Invasion Toys!!

We’re keeping mum on the rest of the details for now, but keep your eyes peeled! We’ll keep you updated.

Shout out to our bros at The Toy Chronicle for breaking this story all the way back in February. We see you!



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