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Klav’s Legendary ‘TANK CLUB’ is Invading NYCC!! — ‘Blue Fade,’ ‘Off White,’ and Blanks Available at Invasion Toys Booth #3059! [Invasion Exclusive]

TANK CLUB: Blue Fade, Off White, and blanks at Invasion Toys NYCC — plus, a Klav in-person signing session??!

Klav, king of all things rusted and badass, godfather of the Creeping Death Robot Club, and mastermind behind the smash-hit TANK CLUB sofubi series is Invading our New York Comic Con Booth #3059, and we couldn’t be more excited!

You may remember TANK CLUB as Klav’s first foray into sofubi making. TANK CLUB is hand sculpted and all are slush-molded and hand pulled in Japan. That’s right, true and honest sofubi for our fellow purists out there!

Now on to the good stuff… The mighty Klav was gracious enough to grant us an entire squadron of TANK CLUBers. 12 individual units will be Joining the Invasion: 3 Off White one-offs, 3 Blue Fade one-offs, 3 navy and 3 sky blue blanks.

Off White and Blue Fade are each hand-painted and weathered by the man himself to incorporate his signature rustpunk style. They are painted with oils and lacquer and are signed on the bottom. The painted versions each include a unique gun, and all of them come with a Creeping Death Robot Club sticker pack.

TANK CLUB blanks come in either light or dark blue. Each one comes with all three interchangeable guns, as well as the CDRC sticker pack.

One-offs will retail for $180 each and blanks are an easy $50.

TANK CLUB: Off White & Blue Fade

  • 4.5 inches tall
  • Hand painted and weathered
  • Includes: 1 gun type, sticker pack
  • Signed by Klav
  • $180 each

TANK CLUB blanks

  • 4.5 inches tall
  • Navy and sky blue colorways
  • Includes: all 3 guns, sticker pack
  • $50 each

But that’s not all!!

We’re still working out the finer details, but it looks like Klav will be at NYCC himself! And he’s agreed to come to the Invasion Toys booth for a special Creeping Death Robot Club signing session!

Klav will be at our Booth #3059 some time on Thursday. Plans are still in development, so stay tuned to our socials!

PS: For any TANK CLUB completionists out there, we heard that a couple more colorways will make an appearance at another NYCC booth next weekend. Wonder which one it could be…? 🤔

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