‘COMPANION 2020’ Plus 2 Restocks Drop TODAY at Noon! One More Drop To Celebrate 20 years of KAWS and the Death of 2020

To celebrate 20 years of COMPANION, KAWS is releasing three variants of COMPANION 2020 and a restock of HOLIDAY SPACE and BFF

It seems that Brain Donnelly, the incredible artist known as KAWS, really has 2020 vision. This year marks the 20th anniversary of his COMPANION collection, and what better way to celebrate than a new release: three variants of COMPANION 2020.

kaws black companion 2020 butt view
Yeah, that’s about right

The aptly-named COMPANION 2020 is relegated to a hopeless, limp, face-down plank — the perfect embodiment of everything this year has been. This mood of a figure comes in three color varieties (OG, black, and monochrome), each with an equally lifeless expression to match the current state of our hopes and dreams. ☹

In true 2020 fashion, part of the shipment of these figures has been delayed in transit and is stuck floating helplessly out at sea; yet another fantastic allegory for us all. This means that tomorrow’s drop is even smaller than usual, so get those F5 fingers ready.

kaws monochrome companion 2020 side view

The upshot to this partial drop, however, is that those lost at sea will be released at a later date. So if you miss out on tomorrow’s lot, 2021 may hold better luck.

Aside from those corpse-like little dudes, KAWS will also list a small remainder of his chromed out HOLIDAY SPACE, and the oddly familiar, puppet-like BFF. No word on colorways or allotment sizes at this time.

COMPANION 2020, HOLIDAY SPACE, and BFF will be available at 12PM EST at

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