‘FOURTWUNNY’ 2021 Sale, by JFO, Is Gonna Be LOUD! [Promo Code]

We can smell JFO’s FOURTWUNNY sale from here

Our homie and OG Invader JFO (pronounced like J-Lo) has harvested, trimmed, and cured his latest batch of 4/20-themed Dunnys, just in time for FOURTWUNNY 2021! Plus, the artist has graciously let us in on a thicc promo code that’s active right now!


JFO (real name Jason Forbes) is an incredible custom artist who has been customizing Kidrobot Dunnys (and more) since at least 2016. From working Dunny lamps to custom display cases, Forbes’ craftsmanship is, well, lit. Most recently, of course, JFO was one of the talented artists featured at our X custom show.

FOURTWUNNY 2021 is JFO’s annual 4/20 sale, featuring cannabis-inspired customs. This year, two new buds join the crew: Dunn Budd “Narnia” Strain and a rainbow of vape cart Dunnys.

Dunn Budd “Narnia” Strain

Dunn Budd “Narnia” is the third in the Dunn Budd series, following 2018’s Purple Urkle, and 2019’s Blue Dream. It’s made using a 3 inch dunny blank and hand-trimmed greenery from Narnia strain sativa. The plant matter used is not the “active” variety, but JFO has confirmed that the smell is still dank.

Dunn Budd “Narnia” Strain is made of magnetic body parts that can be pulled apart and thrown in your favorite grinder (don’t do this). They come in a pill bottle with a signed and dated label and are an edition of 12.

FOURTWUNNY vape cart Dunnys

The vape cart Dunnys are similarly legal: they don’t come with vape carts (empty or filled) and aren’t functional vapes. Instead, they have a removable ear that can be replaced with standard 510 cartridges.

The vape cart Dunnys include interchangeable micro vape pen and glow-in-the-dark smoke accessories. They also have magnetic feet that attach to their magnetic base, with rotating species label in case you forget what’s in your cart. It looks like the vape cart Dunnys come in 12 colors, with each an edition size of 1.

JFO’s annual FOURTWUNNY sale starts tomorrow, 4/20 @ 12pm (noon) PDT. Prices haven’t been published, but the man himself confirms they’ll be reasonably priced.

And as thanks for being our loyal readers, use code FOURTWUNNY for a whopping 42% off orders of two or more items.

The 4/20 sale doesn’t start til tomorrow, but the code is active starting right now. You know what to do! 😉

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