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Jessica Emmett Unveils 5(!) New Releases and Fills Her Web Shop With 17(!!) Other Designs for SMVFF II!

Jessica Emmett treats fans to brand new releases as part of this year’s SMVFF event!

Fans of Jessica Emmett are no doubt aware that the artist is a guest at this year’s Singapore and Malaysian Comics Community Virtual Fan Festival (aka SMVFF) on December 5. If you’re based in Singapore or Malaysia, you’re certainly in for a Christmas treat!

We recently asked Emmett about this massive undertaking, and she was kind enough to give us some insights. Read on to discover a bit more about each of these new characters and Emmett’s massive shop update. And though these toys are initially only shipping to Singaporean and Malaysian addresses, international collectors fear not! More on that below.

Jessica Emmett's Facebook Group Drops promo photo
Jessica Emmett’s Facebook Group Drops

Jessica Emmett’s SMVFF II exclusives

Emmett will be dropping 5 toys in the SG and MY Comics Community Facebook groups starting December 4, 9am Singapore time. This exclusive release includes two brand new characters, Trisheepi and Knotanxi, plus new editions of Kattessy and Eemo-Cloud!

The four toys Emmett has made this year all have different emotional meanings, certainly adding to their already colorful characters!

1. Marked Blue and Golden Fleece Trisheepi

Trisheepi is about complexity, identity, and breaking free from simplicity, which can be seen by its three faces. For the drop there are two versions of the designer toy: Marked Blue and Golden Fleece. The two versions of the Tripsheepi are quite simply adorable, and each give off a different tone.

Marked Blue Trisheepi is open edition, but limited to just three pieces this time, and metallic Golden Fleece Trisheepi is a one-off artist proof, which is not guaranteed to be made again!

Both are 3 inches tall and are priced at S$170 each.

2. Rainbow Knotanxi – SMVFF Exclusive

Jessica Emmett's Rainbow Knotanxi promo photo
Jessica Emmett’s Rainbow Knotanxi

Knotanxi is an anxious but brave little bunny! The rainbow tones blend seamlessly together with a paint job that somehow looks both metallic and matte. Emmett’s artistic skills never fail to amaze! The cut-out heart shape with the knot in the middle really demonstrates the character of this cute little piece!

Rainbow Knotanxi is a limited edition of five and is priced at S$130.

3. OG Kattesey (Metallic Variant) – SMVFF Exclusive

Jessica Emmett's Kattessy in Metallic Promo
Jessica Emmett’s Kattessy in Metallic

Kattesey is the hybrid of a cat and panda who loved each other so much that their souls fused to form this bundle of adorableness! The exclusive Kattesey is a metallic edition which has a striking contrast of shiny paints and matte tones.

OG Kattesey (Metallic Variant) stands at 4 inches tall, and is limited to just 5 pieces. It is priced at S$180.

4. Rainbow & Silver Rain Eemo Cloud – SMVFF Exclusive

Jessica Emmett's Rainbow and Silver Rain Eemo Cloud promo photo
Jessica Emmett’s Rainbow and Silver Rain Eemo Cloud

Eemo Cloud is a depressed but hopeful rain cloud even on the darkest days. The rainbow in this edition really showcases that symbolism! Unlike previous editions of Eemo Cloud, this one sports some pretty shiny raindrops.

The Rainbow and Silver Rain Eemo Cloud is 3 inches tall, limited to five pieces, and is selling for S$130.

Jessica Emmett’s Web Shop Mega Drop

Jessica Emmett's E-Shop Drop promo photo
Jessica Emmett’s E-Shop Drop

In celebration of SMVFF II week, Emmett is also putting up a huge selection of finished toys in her online store. Pieces launching here include Draffi variants, Unicorns, Lil Summer Lleafi, and Manticores! The pieces come in a range of different sizes, with prices ranging from S$25 to S$400. As always, production amount are extremely limited.

Emmett’s shop can be found here.

How you can secure one of Emmett’s newest pieces

Emmett’s latest release is a little different than usual. Since they are dropping in conjunction with SMVFF II, all her newest creations will only ship to Singapore and Malaysia (for now).

For those going after the SMVFF exclusives, a Google form will be posted in both the Singapore Comics Community and the Malaysia Comics Community Facebook groups. The form will be open for approximately one week after the event, and winners will be drawn from that pool. Dispatch is expected late December to early January.

As for Emmett’s marvelous shop update, pieces are available on a first come, first served basis for Malaysian and Singaporean residents. Based elsewhere? Fear not! After all of the orders from the e-shop and Facebook groups have been fulfilled, any unsold pieces will be made available worldwide, and Emmett does expect there to be leftovers.

When we asked Emmett about the event, she kindly told us: “It’s been a pretty wild year and I’ve adopted quite poorly and much slower then my fellow toy makers. Even at the best of times I don’t do that many releases especially online ones.”

She added: “So despite this being a Singapore Malaysian delivery drop (to start), I’m really happy to get one last online effort out before the end of this terrible year. I wish I could make pieces faster but I realised this year that enjoy slower more intricate work and seeing my latest pieces all together at years end really fills me with joy.”

You can catch Emmett’s SMVFF II livestream from 1 to 2pm Singapore time, this Saturday, December 5!

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