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Jessica Emmett’s ‘Glimmer of Hope’ Knotanxi are Coming to New York Comic Con!! [Invasion Exclusive]

Jessica Emmett’sGlimmer of Hope Knotanxi triplets are Joining the Invasion! — Available only at Invasion Toys NYCC Booth #3059!

It’s been a loooong time coming, and though our great friend, Jessica Emmett, has been an OG Invader since our very first days, her wonderfully whimsical art toys have never graced our roster… until now! Introducing: the Glimmer of Hope Knotanxi trio! A Jessica Emmett x Invasion Toys New York Comic Con ultra exclusive!!

Jessica spent weeks creating not one, but THREE amazing Knotanxis for us to include at our NYCC booth, and we are ever so grateful. Not only was she gracious enough to provide us with one of her most ambitious sculpts to date, but she also spent countless hours perfecting that incredible gradient paint job.

That gradient graces both the small body parts and the hollow heart area that holds Knotanxi’s knot. Mind. Blown. 🤯

This ultra limited edition of three is named Glimmer of Hope. According to Jessica:

I wanted to reflect on the difficult times and how we’ve all found small ways to hold on hope and joy to survive in tough times. It also felt fitting as this will be my first con my work will be part of this year with 2 different booths and that is a personal glimmer of hope for me as an artist

Jessica Emmett

These three resin cuties will be available only at our Invasion Toys New York Comic Con Booth #3059!

Stop by our mega-sized booth where we’ll have a ton of other exclusive designer releases, as well as TCGs, giveaways, signing sessions and more!

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