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Trading Card Sleeves, Booster Box Protectors, and More for All Your Pokémon (and Other) TCG Needs! Available Now at Invasion Toys

Now in stock at Invasion Toys: trading card sleeves, graded slab sleeves, booster box protectors, and more!

Tired of Muk getting all over your Pokémon cards? Sad you can’t inspect your shadowless Charizard from inside your swimming pool? Well now you can![citation needed] With our stock of trading card sleeves and booster box protectors, you can take your card collection anywhere! [citation also needed]

Unmute for sound

Here at Invasion Toys, we take collectibles pretty seriously, with Pokémon cards and other TCG kicking off our lifelong love of anything shiny and rare. In fact, some among us are still holding on to holos pulled from the first edition boosters back in 1999. That’s why we decided to stock a slew of different trading card sleeves and other protective gear for all your TCG needs.

Trading card sleeves and protectors we have in stock right now

1. Pokémon TCG: First Partner Collector’s Binder

The Pokémon TCG: First Partner Collector’s Binder is a Pokemon 25th Anniversary product. It includes one (1) high-quality binder with 30 pages to hold all the upcoming oversized promo cards tied to the Pokémon TCG: First Partner Pack promo card series, and one (1) oversized Pikachu card.

The sleeves of this binder are not removable, and they will not fit older, larger oversized promo cards. Store link here.

2. Invasion Toys’ Pokémon Booster Box Protector

Holos and misprints should always be well-protected, but don’t booster boxes deserve love, too? We certainly think so. That’s why we’ve commissioned custom booster boxes, produced specifically for modern, 36-pack booster cases.

Our booster box protectors are UV-resistant, with 0.5mm / 20mil thickness. They are also subtly branded with the Invasion logo on the side, so you can show off your Invader pride!

This is a pre-order product slated to ship May 2021. Booster case not included. Store link here.

3. Ultimate Guard – Precise Fit Standard Sleeves (100 ct)

Ultimate Guard‘s Precise Fit Standard Sleeves are some of the slimmest trading card sleeves on the market. They measure 64mm x 89mm, while Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and many other trading cards measure 63mm x 88mm.

Ultimate Guard considers these to be inner sleeves that can then be inserted into their 66mm x 93mm Classic Sleeves. Store link here.

4. Ultra Pro – 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ Soft Card Sleeves (100 ct)

Ultra Pro‘s 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ Soft Card Sleeves are the tried and true penny sleeves of many generations. If you’ve ever used trading card sleeves, chances are you started with these.

Ultra Pro Soft Card Sleeves (63.5mm x 90mm) fit standard trading cards, though they are not as slim as Ultimate Guard’s Precise Fit. Store link here.

5. Beckett Shield – Standard Card Storage Sleeves (50ct)

beckett shield standard card storage sleeve

Beckett Shield’s Standard Card Storage Sleeves are top loaders, a step above soft card sleeves. They are semi-rigid for safer trading card storage. Storage Sleeves have a 1in lip for easy insertion, and a writing field for notes and organization.

Beckett’s Standard Card Storage Sleeves have an exterior measurement of 76.2mm x 114.3mm. For best results, pair with a penny sleeve. Store link here.

6. Beckett Shield – Thick Card Sleeves (100ct)

The Beckett Shield Thick Card Sleeves are exactly for that: thicc cards. While standard TCG cards are 14pt thickness (0.012in / 0.305mm) and standard penny sleeves are 35pt, these can hold up to a whopping 150pts worth of cards.

Beckett’s chonky Thick Card Sleeves measure 70mm x 96.9mm. Store link here.

5. Beckett Shield – Graded Card Sleeves (100ct)

Is your collection a step above that of mere mortals? Are all your holos graded and slabbed? If your cards are worth more than the average used sedan, then you probably need these sleeves.

The Beckett Shield Graded Card Sleeves are oversized penny sleeves meant to fit graded card slabs. They measure 95.3mm x 139.7mm, and have a 1in resealable strip on top. Store link here.

That’s all we’ve got for now! Make sure to Protect Yo Deck with our protective gear today.

Also check out what TCGs are in stock now in the Invasion Shop!

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