Invasion Toys ‘Pokémon Booster Box Protector’ Stress Test With Dr. Applesauce [Video Review]

Dr. Applesauce stress tests and reviews our Invasion Toys Pokémon Booster Box Protector

The Invasion Toys Pokémon Booster Box Protectors are just about finished and ready to ship, so we thought what better than a real-life stress test to see just how well they can #ProtectYoDeck!


You may remember our Booster Box Protectors from the announcement way back in March. But for those who have forgotten, our custom-made protectors were specially produced to fit all modern 36-pack booster boxes (more protector sizes may come in the future, depending on interest and demand).

Our booster keepers are UV-resistant, with a thicc, crystal-clear 0.5mm / 20mil thickness. They’re subtly branded on the side with the Invasion Toys logo, so you can show off your Invader Pride without distracting from the sweet, sweet Pokémon case inside.

All this for a crazy unit price of $6.50! And that’s before the bulk discounts we offer on orders of 5 or more directly on the store listing.

But that’s all well and good, you might be thinking. The Pokémon Booster Box Protectors sound great on paper, but how well do they actually work?

With the help of our friend, Dr. Applesauce, we put our money where our mouths are (or… our cards… where our protector is…??). We sent over a Pokémon Battle Styles Booster Box and a booster protector and asked him to do his worst. With no further direction from us, he did just that.

2:12: Pre stress-test review

7:00: Scratch test with a pen, scissors, and a pocket knife

8:39: The setup is packed for shipping and abused

13:33: Drop test from ~6-7 feet high

19:13: Post stress-test review

Thank you, Dr. Applesauce, for an honest stress-test and review!

We’re confident our Pokémon Booster Box Protectors will keep your collection safe. Now you can bring your booster boxes to spaghetti dinner without living in fear!

The Pokémon Booster Box Protectors are currently en route to to us and will begin shipping out to our customers next week.

If you haven’t purchased yours, you can do so directly from the Invasion Toys web shop for just $6.50, excluding bulk pricing.

If you want us to make similar protectors for other TCG formats (Pokémon or otherwise), be sure to let us know!

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