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Invasion Toys is Going to NYCC 2021!! [Invasion News]

Invasion Toys x New York Comic Con, here we come!

Attention Invader Fam and fellow convention nerds everywhere! We’re proud to announce that your friendly neighborhood Invasion Toys will be at NYCC 2021!!

It’s been quite a year for everyone, and with most of the world shut down in 2020, we haven’t had a chance to meet most of our loyal Invaders. Well, that’s about to change! Book your flights and block those dates, because we’ve got a booth and we’re taking no prisoners!

New York Comic Con is the largest comic convention in North America. Selling out every year, ticket sales topped 250,000 in 2019 alone, and 2021 looks to be huge as well.

To celebrate the industry’s return to form and Invasion Toys’ first ever in-person convention, we’re pulling out all the stops!

When you stop by our mega-sized booth, you can expect to find Invasion exclusives, special NYCC drops, artists meetups and signings, video game and TCG tournaments, freebies, giveaways (PS5 anyone?? 😵 Big thanks to Chalk App!), and way more!

Plus, you’ll get to see a few faces from the Invasion Toys team. After all, that’s really what 250,000 people are going to NYCC for, right? …right??

New York Comic Con 2021 takes place October 7-10, at Javits Center in NYC. The Invasion Toys booth will be slangin’ it all four days.

Unfortunately, in-person tickets are currently sold out, but fear not! You can access the official NYCC x Lyte ticket exchange, which is the only way to purchase secondhand tickets.

NYCC badges are non-transferrable, unless through Lyte, so beware of any sketchy offers out there. Get on the official waitlist today and we’ll see you on the other side!

Stay tuned, we’ll definitely have more Invasion x NYCC news in the coming days!

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