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The Invasion Toys Mobile App Is Here! — Plus, TWO Special In-App Releases Coming Very Soon! [Android / iOS]

Invasion Toys is coming to a smart device near you!

invasion toys mobile app banner

Breaking news! We at Invasion Toys are proud to announce our very first mobile app! Now you can browse the Invasion Toys store right from the comfort of, well, wherever you please!

More than just another way to shop, the Invasion Toys mobile app comes with a number of benefits, like:

  • App-exclusive drops
  • Early access to certain listings
  • Restock alerts and other notifications
  • Faster checkout (5 seconds or fewer)!
  • And much more to come

Now available on both Android and iOS.

Two upcoming Invasion Toys mobile app releases:

1. CHK DSK’s Invasion of Carbine

Back in December, we revealed CHK DSK‘s upcoming Invasion of Carbine, an Invasion Exclusive resin figure. Well the drop date has been decided, and we’ll be releasing our stock on January 25, at 11am EST in the all new Invasion Toys mobile app. The remainders will go up for sale in the Invasion Toys web shop on January 25, at 12pm EST.

chk dsk invasion of carbine release schedule

For all those following along at home, that means mobile app users will get a one-hour head start on the Invasion of Carbine figures. This release is limited to just 30 pieces worldwide, so they definitely won’t last long

2. Pokémon TCG Shining Fates

You’ve been asking about Pokémon Shining Fates and we hear you! We’re excited to announce Invasion Toys will be getting an allotment of the latest Pokémon TCG expansion in the coming weeks. That means boosters, Elite Trainer Boxes, and more!

invasion toys mobile app pokemon shining fates pre order

If you want a head start on the new expansion, the Invasion Toys mobile app will grant users advanced access to our Shining Fates pre-orders! Make sure to download our app and turn on push notifications to stay ahead of the curve.

So what are you waiting for? Download our app today! [AndroidiOS]

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  1. So stoked! Downloaded and can’t wait!!

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