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‘Invasion of 9 Eyes’ is on the way!! [Invasion Toys Exclusive]

PureArts is joining the Invasion! Enter: Invasion of 9 Eyes

This just in! Looks like PureArts and Daytoner are joining our ranks with the Invasion Exclusive Invasion of 9 Eyes!!

Invasion of 9 Eyes front detail left cant

If you’ve been part of the designer toy world any time in the last year, no doubt you’re already familiar with the growing powerhouse that is Master 9 Eyes. If not, you can check out our in-depth and up-close review of the Master 9 eyes Prototype Edition right now.

Starting with their incredibly successful Kickstarter in 2020, PureArts and Daytoner have since gone on to produce nearly a dozen variants of their M9E sculpt. With many designed in-house and others in partnership with some of our favorite artists, like Quiccs, Klav9, and Mr. Kumkum, the 9 Eyes army grows by the day, and their newest collab is with us! Your friendly neighborhood Invasion Toys!!

Without further ado, we are proud to present, Invasion of 9 Eyes!!

Invasion of 9 Eyes drop info

Invasion 9 Eyes is based on the original Master 9 Eyes sculpt. This time, though, he’s bathed in our favorite emerald green, the best of colors! Io9E has white highlights and matte grey lowlights, six green vibroblades, and white detailing throughout.

Along with its white straps, Invasion of 9 Eyes sports the Invasion logo on its sword pack, and our name on front. On the jacket says デイトナ, kanji for deitona (Daytoner). Honestly, this guy is an all around badass, and Kermit would be proud.

Io9E is vinyl and stands 6 inches tall. Each one comes in a display box and includes a display stand for stability.

Invasion of 9 Eyes drops next week with a special introductory pricing. For the first 7 days, they will be priced at $86. After that, the price will increase to $105.

  • Monday, March 15 @ 12pm (noon) EST — $86
  • Monday, March 22 onwards — $105

This variant will ONLY be available through the Invasion Store. Edition size of this colorway is just 64 units, so be sure to snag yours fast!

If you want to round out your Master 9 Eyes collection, check out our stock of Prototype and Ghost Eyes Anniversary editions today!

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