LOTTERY OPEN: ‘Artist Edition Monster Fluffy’ by INSTINCTOY x Horrible Adorables

The lottery for the very first Artist Edition Monster Fluffy will be open for three days

What do you get when you cross the elaborate work of INSTINCTOY’s Hiroto Ohkubo and the fantastic craftsmanship of Horrible AdorablesJordan Elise and Christopher Lees? The answer is Monster Fluffy, a limited edition collectible figure unlike any other!

limited edition horrible adorables monster fluffy colab with instinctoy
A detailed look at the incredible features of Monster Fluffy.

Monster Fluffy stands at about 7 inches tall and consists of a rigid foam body, flocked hands and feet, resin claws, horns, and fangs, and a fluffy felt-fur coat. This makes him the largest and most intricate Fluffy to date!

Despite their adorable appearance, Monster Fluffy has quite a sinister origin. The first iteration was an invasive parasite that corrupted the bear Muckey. Ohkubo brought the character back for a challenging design— fitting a kaiju into a 6cm cube for the Kaiju Hunting Series 2 blindboxes. Thus, Monster Fluffy was born! To turn Fluffy into a more menacing monster, it was given posable arms and a sinister smile.

backstory of monster fluffy with fluffy and muckey
The terrifying backstory of the monstrous Fluffy, corrupting the poor bear, Muckey.

Fluffy’s current final form keeps the original 3D sculpt but adds the spectacular felt coat, made of over 500 individual pieces. Each piece is applied manually by the incredible artists at Horrible Adorables. The final figure is a impressive display that you won’t want to miss— but act fast, because only 100 are being made!

Production of the collab piece will start this November, and the limited run will be completed by January 2021. They are slated to ship in February of next year.

Horrible Adorables’ Monster Fluffy will be sold via lottery. Applications are open from October 23-25th, with winners announced on the 30th. Each piece will cost 35,000 JPY, plus shipping.

Visit INSTINCTOY to enter the lottery now!



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