‘The Hidden Wickey’ Show Wins for One-of-a-Kind Customs!

If you have ever loved Kingdom Hearts but thought it needed a little bit more… creepiness? Then The Hidden Wickey is the custom show for you!

The Hidden Wickey custom show, hosted by Art Toys PH and running from October 12-16, featured various custom dystopian Wickeys from over 25 designers. Wickey is an original character created by the Filipino artist known as Wuji Zun, and is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog and Mickey Mouse, two of the artist’s childhood favorites.

One of the notable entries was by Creon Chkn Head which had gathered an insane amount of hype! This custom had an awesome stealth-assassin vibe to it, being topped off with the fierce bandages and deadly dagger. Chknhead did a great job at blending the Wickey theme with his own signature chicken appearance. It is super badass! The Chknhead eventually auctioned for 36,000 PHP – That’s around $740!

A dark colored chicken mouse blend custom toy
Chknhead’s entry for The Hidden Wickey Show

Another notable entry was by Pkimco, which was the ultimate blend of pastel cuteness and the thing of nightmares! Even more, this custom was affectionately named Wikitty Wakitty Poo. Cinderella, anyone?  There is a great combination of critters with this one, as the handsewn ‘coat’ transforms this rat into a cat! The custom features poseable arms and a jointed magnetic tail to really bring something special to the design. Wikitty Wakitty Poo ultimately sold for 8,000 PHP!

So what about all of the other customs?

Howling through the night is Razel Mari’s 9-inch Full Moon Wickey which features imitated fur and a menacing mask to produce a custom that is perfect for Halloween!

Spirit of the North by Badz Palacio is an interesting one, featuring characters Riri and LUL who take inspiration from sacred Philippine traditions. This is a great custom for those interested in spiritualism!

Duo BuildsKitsune Wickey takes a great deal of inspiration from Japanese deities, making for a beautiful cultural entry to The Hidden Wickey Show.

Darth Wickey is a very creative entry by Dead St. As the name suggests, this epoxy wickey takes inspiration from Star Wars’ Darth Maul to make for a rather badass piece!

Sticking with the pop culture theme, the next entry was Wicked J by Riceterawr. As implied from the name, Wicked J is based off the infamous Batman villain, the Joker! You can tell a lot of time and planning went into the design of this one.

CHANO’s Filthy Rich features vibrant colors, and a no-nonsense attitude! Included as part of CHANO’s ongoing series of custom toys called ‘superfluities’, Filthy Rich certainly leaves you wanting more.

The Steffi’s The Anarchist Wickey sports a quirky ceramic painting style, packed full of patterns and colors. It was guaranteed to spark interest!

If Ruby UbalesThe Wretched Vicky does not remind you of Victorian vampires, we don’t know what will! Featuring ruby red crystals in an eye and gothic attire, this piece is perfectly fitting for October!

Flying back to the Star Wars theme, Don SuratosYockey shares an uncanny resemblance to Yoda! This toy is hand painted and airbrushed to give a vinyl appearance.

Also throwing back to the Batman theme is Freely Abrigo’s The Dork Knight Wickey, so guess who it is? The Dork Knight alludes strikingly to 1989’s Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Next up, Dave Bedia’s Wickey Unit 07 has a robotic feel to it with bold colors. This wickey sold for a whopping 15,000 php!

Another addition to the Star Wars theme is KinoworksBobaRAT. This one was very popular, and it is easy to see why! This custom was cool as it sports a background for the brilliantly painted Boba Fett inspired wickey!

Lee Aller’s The Wanderer gives off Sekiro vibes, through the attire and blood splatters! The custom contains so much detail that it does a great job at setting a scene.

Next is a perfect Halloween custom, Mark Christian’s Ashcrow The Scare Crow. Taking inspiration from Tim Burton and Coraline, the scarecrow is complete with creepy button eyes, a Jack O’ Lantern, and a fierce scythe.

Studi Shido’s W’k X has a lot going on! Inspired by the anime B’t X, the custom showcases a hockey masked wickey flying a creature into mayhem.

The next custom may not have a smile on his face, but he will certainly put one on yours! Wuji ToysOldman Wickey even has detachable armor plates and sword.

DarkeyedstudiosWS01 Full Armor Mech Wicket is like a dystopian Iron Man. It is such a unique piece, with an awful lot of detail being put in to create the custom!

Sweet as sugar! Dondi Fernandez’s Wickey X Scarebear features a melting candy wickey with a totem lollipop.

MechaLucha did an extraordinary job on his The Clergy, with incredible attention to detail to give a lifelike texture.

Joey Mariano’s FUSION is vibrant and lovable. Bright colors and a cheerful expression is sure to brighten your day!

Obscure Prototype Lab’s MAUS is perfectly reflective of the artist’s name. The custom presents a cat mercenary in juggernaut armor, what more do you need?

The final custom is Nesty Villamayor’s ZOMBI-PIED! Ever wanted a mashup of Alien and zombies? You have come to the right place! A funny and geeky custom, with a flair for creativity.

With the show being such a success, we can only hope that Art Toys PH decide to bring back The Hidden Wickey Show for a returning event.

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